List Editor increment decrement data value

Another work hour down the drain but finally found a solution to uncontrolled mousing when trying to change a data value incrementally in List Editor. Kind of weird but at least it works: doubleclick the data value or left click then right click the data value (data1, data2, data3) then use the cursor up and down arrow keys to increment or decrement the number. This doesn’t work when Data1 value is Controller #. It does work on Program Change, note name, note velocity, and what’s shown as ‘data 3’, the note-off velocity.

However to increment a time field, still in List Editor, the Start Time, End Time or Length field, you left click the field-element (bar, beat, sixteenth, tick) then use the cursor up and down arrow key.

This is something I do constantly, millions of times … so workflow question, is there a way to assign a key command to this little macro? Is there a way to do the same thing faster? Or Feature Suggestion: make the left click on a data value work just like the left click on Time field element, so the cursor up and down work correctly without needing a double click.