List editor is missing in Cubase LE7

Hello, I can not find the midi list editor in Cubase LE7. I found it in previous versions of cubase. What happened?

Your previous version probably were no AI or LE version, I suppose,?

The previous version is Cubase LE4 and has a list editor. Find screenshot attached. How can I change values or insert a program change without a list editor? Does Cubase Elements have a list Editor?
Thanks Christoph


By using the info line and controller lanes.

Does Cubase Elements have a list Editor?

It uses the same manual as LE, so you can simply check yourself…

Cubase AI8 too missing List editor :frowning: i’m go back to AI5 - this version have a List editor. Using control line is not comfortable, why this feature be removed from AI version ? :frowning:

how to insert a program change with cubase AI 10 ??? there is no list editor ??

In the controller lane - as written above already: use manual…

You could use the Track Inspector. It doesn’t insert a program change in the track’s MIDI data, but it does send a program change before playing back the track’s MIDI data.