List editor question


I have controllers that I want to get rid of, so I go in the list editor to delete them.

I would like to sort all the midi data by Controllers, then notes, then pgm chg, etc, instead of gouing through the list and looking for each controllers.

By sorting by type I could delete them in one step.


Aloha L.

Using the list Editor; the function for which you are looking is called:
‘Focus’ (upper left hand corner)

A user can ‘focus’ on any of the MIDI events/controllers mentioned in your post.

1-When you first open the LE there is ‘No focus’ displayed in the pop-up field.
2-Clik on it and enter event types etc.

Good Luck!

Ok but first I needed to “Setup Window Layout (Shift F2)” and check the Filter box.

This is why I couldn’t find it.

Thanks again Curteye