List Editor question

Hi team,

When I record a MIDI track on Channel 2 (for example) from my Tyros 5 and look at the data in the List Editor, there is data from several other channels as well. Is this because I have my MIDI In routing set as All MIDI Inputs? If so, How do I set Cubase to record JUST Channel 2 data from my Tyros 5? My Tyros 5 is set up to transmit just one Part on Channel 2. Therefore, it’s not sending the whole Channel set, which would be recorded by Cubase.

I don’t really care, but when I want to inspect the data in Channel 2, there’s 50 times too much stuff in there that doesn’t pertain to Channel 2. Just curious. Thanks.

  • Lee

Well, of course we have no way of knowing what else is coming in via “All MIDI Inputs” (including possible MIDI plugins that generate MIDI… 'cos that will be included also :wink: ).
So the first thing to do is change your MIDI Input from “All MIDI Inputs” to your Tyros 5.
If there is still MIDI entering from channels other than ch.2, you can filter them out via the Input Transformer (there are presets in the Input Transformer>Channel Filter directory).

Thanks for the advice, Vic.

I deleted all the data so only the assigned channel data remains for each channel in the List Editor. It didn’t seem to make any difference in the MIDI playback. So, I’m assuming Cubase is recording All MIDI Inputs just like the phrase suggests.

I’ll do some more experimenting according to your instructions. Part of me says just leave things as they are because you never know what the T5 is going to send that is required–although I assume the heavy duty stuff comes across in the Sys Ex track.

Thanks again.