List Editor: SMF events? [Answered]

The manual doesn’t say anything about the SMF events you see in the list editor. SMF 33 was wreaking havoc in a file in a project I was tweaking by over riding the bank and patch select messages in the inspector each time the project stopped.

It must be some sort of ‘reset all midi events’ message.

I googled, but I haven’t been able to find any listing of the different SMF events.

Anyone know about this and/ or where I can get more info?


Is this what you are looking for?
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help … but, no, not this.

I’ve found several sites on the web with similar info, including the web pages for MIDI Manufacturer’s Association (and I haven’t gone through every page there, yet.)

This web page, and a good few other, discuss the structure of the components of a midi message.

I’m looking for info on what are called in the operation manual “SMF” events when it discusses the types of events that can be edited in the list editor along with notes, program changes, controllers, etc. If you look in the list editor, you’ll see it as an editing option.

This “SMF” event “33” appears to have a specific function to reset all controllers … as it resets patch changes in the synth from what is set in the inspector each time the file is played. “33” is the only data value in the “SMF” event.

So, somewhere … if this affects use of the sequence in Cubase and Cubase displays both in files opened in the list editor and as an editing option … there has got to be a list of what these different “SMF” events are. I can’t really imagine “33” is the only one there is.


Hmm I’m intruiged… cause there’s only a one-liner in the whole manual. Found this though…

Looks to me like Steinberg have adopted some of the ‘spare’ numbers. Didn’t find anything else btw!


SMF chunks afaik are supossed to be commands specific to certain sequencers / midi players and should be ignored by any other system they were not written for, I think of them as a system exclusive mesage system for sequencers or even lighting controllers or anything really.
As such there is no general list for their meaning as it does not apply.


Thanks, ‘Ex-Senior Grand Master Junior Member*!’

I knew someone around here would know.

You think they could have said that in the one line entry in the manual instead of “has no value.”

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