List Editor Value impossible to see?

Hi everyone

Am I the only one who can’t figure out how to make the value visible in the list editor? It’s a very dark blue on black which I can’t see. It’s the only thing wanting me to punch my screen at the moment…

Any help great appreciated!




I can confirm.

I’m a vampire. I hate light. Light breaks my workflow. Please give me black text on a black background.

In the Channel Settings editor; is this part of the same problem perhaps…?
Pre_black font problem.png
Is it seen like this for others…?


No, this is another (but already reported) issue.

Ok, thank you Martin.

(by the way, you have been amazing this past week since C10 release, helping/answering in as many threads as you do…! Great job.!!)

great - sorry to report something that was already reported. BTW I love Cubase 10 - much better workflow (for me) and really enjoying it so far…