List of 3rd parties signed up to support VST Expression 2?

Title says it all… Is there a list of 3rd party instruments that will support VST expression 2?

Hoping we see support from Spectrasonics, NI, etc.

Not yet… But I hope soon.

Developers are not required to announce if they are going to support something or not. So no, we will never see such a list.

It would have been nice if VST Expression 1 was support… Steinberg announced the development of the EWQL SO expression maps but never delivered. That made it pretty useless for me.

Usually when a software ‘platform’ maker announces a new platform (and VST is a platform in a lot of ways), they work in advance with a the major supporters of the platform so that they can announce the new release and some level of support for that release at the same time. It happens all the time in the software industry because it both adds legitimacy to the platform and excitement and sales for those supporting it. It helps every company involved in the announcement.

It’s standard practice.

So I don’t think your statement is correct.

It would be nice if it worked like that. Remember when VST3 came out? The soft breeze softly rustling the autumn leaves? The anticipation, hype and buzz it never got? All the developers who still refuse use it?

If Steinberg wants to regain the advantage that VST once gave them, they need to act like a platform company. That means investing in developer evangelism and platform promotion. Do you think products like Flash or Java just happen because their parents created them? No, getting support for your platform takes a lot of work.

I’m sure they do what they can do (limited resources) - but each one of us can all help too, with the ‘evangelism’, by writing and requesting of our fave plugin manufacturer that they build VST3 (includes VST Expression 2) editions… Do you agree…?

I mean, if they don’t see there’s any demand out here, no amount of marketing/promotion by SB will persuade them to invest the time/resource to convert (or re-compile…?) to VST3. And plain to see, it hasn’t been taken up with quite as much enthusiasm as might have been hoped so far… Maybe its us who’ve got to shout louder…

Squeaky wheel does get the grease!

Just let’s try not to go all ‘Rev Al Sharpton’ about this.

I’m planning a post on both KVR and Gearslutz about this probably later tonight or this week. I’ll post the links here in case people want to jump on the threads for additional support. :slight_smile:

The only reason why 3rd party developers don’t or “won’t” support VST 3 is because they have to make both VST2.4 and 3.0 plugins for other hosts and 3.0 is not backwards compatible.


An intelligent comment!

Not correct. The lates VST SDK supports export as VST 2.4, VST 3 and AU.
Besides, a VST3 host is backwards compatible.
Hope this helps.


Yes… but… I think he means VST3 isn’t backward compatible with hosts that only support previous versions of VST; Cubase SX, Ableton, etc. Were it able to load in all hosts, more people would publish in that format.

While SDK supports export in various formats, doesn’t it require different programing to create a VST3? For example Flash can export various file types but how you program depends on the final export. I think this SDK is similar.

If NI Kontakt supports VST Expression 2 there is hope that it becomes a standard that everyone follows.
Kontakt won the game of sample format and they are leading the way.I feel that everyone will benefit if vstis speak the same language.

This would be a great topic for the mods to contribute to! Chris? Ed?

Ok… I finally got around to this. Please weigh in at these links:

It would be nice if other manufacturers jumped on board, but it isn’t necessary. The way you get people on board has always been by introducing superior products. In this business, NO win lasts any longer than until the moment the next superior product is released by somebody else. If, for example, Halion 4 is introduced with killer features nobody else has, and those features simplify your work flow, what would you do? It would be the new winner, but again, for only as long as it maintained its superiority. In all liklihood, other manufacturers would be forced by the market to adopt the new features, too.