List of all presets and Instruments included with Absolute 4?

The download manager is trash. I cannot tell what is included with what I’ve already bought.
Steinberg needs to make clear what I can install and actually use from the download manager. It’s linked to my account so it should only show me what I can install based on what I own and purchased.
As it stands, I can’t find ANY information about a complete list of presets that’s included with Absolute 4.
I say that because I recently reinstalled and started using Steinberg products again but my computer still had remnants from old installation. So when I load a preset I saved a long time ago, it’s telling me the preset “Symphonic Brass” is missing. I have HALion Symphonic Orchestra installed and everything from HALion 6 plus extra stuff installed and I’m not sure collection this preset is from.

Thanks for reading my rant.