list of commands assignable via generic remote

is there such a list available online somewhere?

i need to design a template using generic remote and would like to be able to instantly see what commands are available for assigning, rather than crawling through the numerous menu’s in cubase.

thank you!

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AFAIK, there is no list existing such as this one, even in Cubase xml files.

Would it be helpful indeed, at least for strict Cubase commands, but things get more complicated as you can also affect, to a generic remote controller, commands that are not Cubase ones, i.e., plug-ins controls…

i see, thank you.

(re: the ad hoc plugin controls-assignments via GR: i’ve always steered clear of these, because of the very volatile nature of these assignments; what i mean is, once you change the order of your insert plugins on a channel, or indeed just move the order of the channels, such plugin control assignment is at once lost, so that’s a huge fail on cubase’s part i think. it’s been like this forever and is long due for an overhaul i reckon.)

I’ve been looking for such a list before myself. Unfortunately, it seems like the names are hard coded inside the Cubase executable. It seems Steinberg don’t really push the generic remote, seeing as it stayed the same annoying way for many years now, while advancing remote control configuration for specific vendors (Mackie, EuCon, etc).

Not only that, but from my experience with the generic remote XMLs, there are functions that appear in one name in the pop-up when selecting in the GR editor and having a different name in the exported XML. Some even having a numeric tag instead of name. Also, not all configurable parameters appear in the generic remote editor, while they can still be configured via the XML - such as some of the EQ parameters.

I’d love if there was a real API you could interface with rather than going through annoying midi commands.

Ah, this bit is very interesting!

I’ve found a similar thing when using my Cubase PLE macro in an older Nuendo version that supposedly didn’t support some of the PLE commands of the newer Cubase PLE (they weren’t available from within Nuendo’s PLE GUI), yet the macro worked correctly.

How did you find out about these ‘hidden’ GR-assignable commands btw?

I would love to tell you I found a consolidated place with all of them, but unfortunately that’s not the case.
I don’t remember exactly right now since I’m at work, but it was something like I saw that there’s eq-1/freq and there’s eq-1/level, but there there’s no entry for “Q”, so I figured it might be eq-1/q and it was.
In the same way, I’ve found the bits needed to make NRPNs work correctly and to enable Soft Takeover for any parameter.

I was not lucky enough to find what’s the names for low-cut and high-cut for the OSC bridge I was working on.
The elements with tags instead of names btw are from the transport controllers, wanted “play” and “cycle” to be controllers instead of commands so that I can get feedback back to my controller.