List of Cubase Scales & Intervals

Ah the joys of cleaning off ones desk. Six moths ago or so I did some “busy work” while I was ill and then forgot all about it until I re-discovered it cleaning

While many (most?) of the scales used in Cubase are pretty clear about what notes fit the scale - i.e. a major scale uses the notes we’d expect it to use. But some of the scales, based on their names, are more ambiguous about what intervals they use (I’m looking at you Blues 3). So I documented the intervals that Cubase uses for all of their built-in scales. The intervals are all shown in number of half-steps.

It’s not only possible there are some transcription and counting errors, it’s kinda likely. So if you spot any errors let me know & I’ll fix them.
Cubase Scale (26.8 KB)

Now that’s my idea of a good time. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve wondered where some of those came from. And, what about Blues 4? Will there be a sequel?

It is kind of an odd assortment of modes and scales.