List of default command shortcuts for Windows and Mac


Is there a list of default key shortcuts for Wavelab 8 for both the Windows and Mac versions somewhere? A friend who uses the Mac version of Wavelab asked me about the Windows equivalents for several shortcuts. I realized that because I had customized many of my commands, I couldn’t tell him the default key bindings. This doesn’t seem to be in the manual anywhere, and so far I haven’t found any default command list online.

I’m not really partial to installing a new copy of Wavelab 8 just to search through all the “customize commands” dialogues.

If such a thing does not exist, I’d like to put out a request for it. Such a list would be extremely helpful

In the place where you can customize the key shortcuts, there is an option to print them.

Thank you. I was not aware of that feature. But if I want to print a list of the shortcuts before my customizations, do I basically need to install a new copy?

Installing a new copy on the same machine, will reuse the old settings. Hence you should do it on another machine.

In Windows, with WaveLab not running, you could try Run -> %APPDATA%\Steinberg (a folder opens) and then temporarily rename the WaveLab settings folder there. The next time you run WaveLab, it will create a new folder but everything will be default; print out the shortcuts, then quit WL, delete the new setting folder and rename the original back to what it was before.

Thanks, MrSoundman. I ended up just installing a copy on a Windows 7 virtualmachine. I’d be happy to post the shortcuts here if they would be useful for anyone.

Aloha t,

on a Mac I would try these steps:
1-Move the Cubase ‘Preference Folder’ to the desktop.
2-Restart Cubase. (this will rebuild a new ‘default’ ‘Preference Folder’).
3-Do your printing stuff.
4-Replace the new default ‘Preference Folder’ with the old one from the desktop.
5-Restart Cubase and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

This is a WaveLab forum.

Ma bad with the Cubase stuff/info. :frowning:


Hello Tony,

I agree with Soundman, this process is quite easy. The user preference settings are found in the appdata as .dat files. If you remove those files to another place, when you start the program new default files will be generated on your behalf. Once you have the info (default etc etc) you can move your previous .dat back in place and all customs will be restored to their previous working state of mind.

Thanks, but I got it using the Virtualbox fix mentioned earlier. I have all the Windows default shortcuts in a document now if anyone wants them. I’m still surprised such a document does not exist on the Steinberg site.