List of English and German Terms

Hi DORICO team,
I am DORICO 3.5 user (German interface) and want to upgrade to DORICO 4, but as we all know, the manual only exists in English.
Is there anywhere (official or private) a list, a comparism or translation of the musical terms used in DORICO available?
Especially the terms in the menus and corresponding dropdowns would be extremly helpful.
Greetings from Munich

The Dorico 3.5 manual is fully available in German, and the Dorico 4 manual will be available in German soon (though I’m not sure exactly when). I’m afraid we don’t have a ready-made list of Dorico terms in English and their equivalents in German to share.

One of the changes in Dorico 4 that might be of interest to you, whilst translation of the Dorico 4 manual is in progress, is that switching the application language happens immediately, without the need to restart. This means you can more easily switch between English and German with Dorico itself.

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…though in Dorico 4.0.10 you will spot a few problems with some menu items not being correctly re-translated. I happen to have just fixed that problem today, so it will be improved in the next update, coming in a few weeks.