List of expressions playing back

First I like to greatly congratulate Dorico team for the most successful version 3.0 update. Condensing is a huge step forward! Harp smart pedaling extremely well implemented. The new play back features are surprising, I have never before reached such fulfilling playback results without editing in DAW!

Could we have a simple list of expressions currently playing back in Dorico 3


I have found the following expressions working

Staccato + Tenuto
Staccato + Legato
Tenuto + Legato
Tongue fluttering
Non vibrato

Am I ríght? Among expressions not playing back are:
Trills (playing back partially but not switching key)
sfz or fp
Con sordino etc. string special techniques

Please, share your experience on other articulations playing back and make this list more complete.

Trills definitely keyswitch.

Also, what do you mean by special string techniques not playing back? Are you sure you’re not referring to the sample library being driven — say, for example, the default, Halion?

I’d say the large majority of them are working, except for the ones you would expect need explicit fleshing out from the team, as was once the case with trills and is still the case with certain kinds of dynamics.

How do make trills keyswitch? If I look at play mode, trill has an active technique: pt.trill.whole but Switches: Natural.

Spiccato seems to produce staccato.

With nonfunctioning techniques I refer to détaché, martelé (martellato), con sordino, sul tasto, sul ponticello, col legno, snap pizzicato… Although many of those can possibly be produced by editing CC-data in addition to normal articulations.

I think you are mixing up Playing Techniques, Playback Techniques, and Expression Maps.

A Playing technique in the score always creates a Playback Technique, but if the Playback Technique is not defined in the Expression Map it is ignored.

For example the playing technique “con sord” in the score generates the “muted” playback technique, but the HSSO string samples don’t have a keyswitch for a muted sound so “muted” is not in the expression map and it is replaced by “natural” if you look in the playing techniques lane in Play mode.

But NotePerformer does include muted sounds, the expression map contains the switch for “muted,” and “con sord” does play back.

You could make a useful table showing what the HSSO samples play back, but that is not the same as what Dorico can play back with a bigger sample library.

For trills, Play / Playback options / Trills selects whether Dorico will always play back a trill as separate notes, or whether it will generate a playing technique for half or whole step trills. If you set the option to use playing techniques but the sound library doesn’t have trill samples, then trills “won’t play back”. But if you set the option to always generate notes, they will play.

Thank you Rob and LSalgueiro for your valuable comments !

You are right, the list is much much longer :slight_smile:

I had a problem with trills because I had a wrong playback technique in expression maps (i.e. trill, not trill (whole/half step). Now, I understand that there is a hint of playback technique when hovering mouse over articulation.

I even managed to create my own playback technique (sul G) that switches VSL matrix so that strings play patches forced on G string.