List of Feature Requests

I thought about the whole Cubasis-thing and finally came to the conclusion
to give it a chance because I believe that Steinberg can do this and make it
a great app. Still there are some features that this app needs, so I want to list all
my FR’s here and everyone else is welcome to add their needs in this topic.

So here we go:

  • Time Stretch and Pitch Shift (for time stretch I’d like to see the time stretch cursor in the tool bar,
    for pitch shift I’d like to see a transpose-tool in the audio editor similar to sequel 3)
  • AutoQ
  • Note Repeat / Arpeggiator
  • Groove Agent One with Kit Sync possibilities
  • A drum editor (but in Beat Designer style which will be easier to handle on the ipad)
  • I’d also be cool with the beat page from sequel 3 to realize the two fr’s above
  • Audio Bus
  • A real EQ (it’s ok to adjust the Q-Factor only by a knob)
  • An instrument UI (it’s not enough to adjust attack and release, we also need lfo’s and stuff)
  • A quick way to reset chords on a pad
  • Possibility to set up tempo and root key in the media bay
  • An iPhone version of Cubasis

Feel free to complete the list!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Additional FR’s by other users below:

  • Step Sequencer
  • A faster way to duplicate Audio- / Midi-Events (Loop-Tool or -Handle?)
  • Kicker-Buttons in the Midi-Editor for better Midi-handling
  • Adjusting the buffer-size to get better mixdown-capabilities in bigger projects
  • Higher samplerates and bit depths
  • Freezing instrument- and audio-tracks
  • Wist
  • Lock Screen (not moving the position while swiping in the editors to prevent
    accidently changes of the position while editing midi notes)
  • different fade curves (not only linear ones)
  • More instruments / sounds (maybe IAPs?)
  • Tempo track (should also include the ability to change the time signature as well)
  • Better handling for midi controller data / velocity (maybe a velocity tool, that is similar to the velocity editing in Cubase when you hold down shift+cmd?)
  • MIDI Thru; MIDI Routing
  • Trigger notes with the piano roll in the MIDI editor
  • Support for Footswitch of Alesis IO-Dock
  • Side-Chaining for effects
  • Play selection as loop in the audio editor
  • Pad Banks, so we have more than 16 drumpads accessble (like ABCD=64 pads)
  • Saving own presets and chords
  • Mediabay: swipe to the left on a file = delete the file
  • CPU Meter
  • Virtual Keyboard with support for (custom) musical scales
  • Group Channels
  • Auto-Punch / Punch-In and -Out
  • Other dynamic effects (Gate / Expander)
  • Markers for a quick navigation between different song parts
  • Scale keyboard with configurable scales

I also have to admit that I am really disappointed with the current Cubasis version.
Compared to other iOs apps with complex feature sets the price is way too high!

The top5 of my wish list:

  • Working AutoQuantize
  • Better (more up-to-date and fresh) sounds and synths with more parameters to edit (Filter, Envelope)
  • Better quality for the effects
  • A better, i.e. faster way to copy patterns
  • Arpeggiator / step sequencer

Merry Xmas everbody!

I spent some time hacking out a cliched tune using Cubasis’s own instruments this evening and it was fun and relatively fast. Note selection and manipulation was on occasion a little frustrating and the choice of sound pallet limiting. I’d like to see it rapidly updated too but I do think the implimentation of the basic Cubasis front end is good.

For me automation and much better midi control handling and editing, combined with an editable instrument are the first steps. I’d love to see a simple sampler and a synth with parameters and effects capable of automation.

I’d also like to see them continue to concentrate on the interface. Selecting, copying, and pasting work well but are long winded. Selecting and moving of small events, particularly midi drumming, can be dificult. Some elegant ways that take advantage of the iPad interface and that make this easier without reducing all recorded midi to metronomic precision would be good.

The price thing is a really dificult issue. App pricing in iOS is such a different model from the big music software companies are used to. If Steinberg stick with the normal iOS model I’ll eventually get the final all singing all dancing version of Cubasis without paying another penny. Whilst I suspect that I’ll see significant improvement in the main program I’m also expecting a fair amount of IAP’S . I’ll reserve judgement until we see the content. They are however used to selling regular updates of their main desktop programs so it’ll be interesting to see how they generate money for continued development on the iPad?

yes, small frustrations everywhere. BUT very impressive none the less… i’d also love to see some rapid development and features added quickly…

one such adjustment that would help me personally would be the ability to transpose at the midi channel level.

The kicker-buttons would also be helpful in the Midi Editor.
I never use 'em in the desktop version. But I guess they’d be helpful

That’s a great observation :bulb:

I never used them on the desktop either but they’d be helpful on a touch screen device where it’s easy to select but hard to manipulate accurately.

Just noticed:

When I have a look at the setup in the help-section of Cubasis
there are already points that are not available yet.
For example:

  • Quantize: Auto
  • Low Latency Mode

Am I too stupid to find these things or are they really not there yet?

Another point that I’d like to see is setting up the buffer size.
I already get glitches and drop outs in one of the projects I made with Cubasis
and as I know that you can set it up for BeatMaker 2 (in the system preferences)
it should also be possible for Cubasis.

features needed to sell Cubasis for a price like that:

  • automation and midi controller graphical editing
  • true equalization on tracks and on master out
  • a true sampler, a true synthesizer, even as IAPP, but not a bad rompler like that, akai synthstudio is better (and it is however very crappy!)
  • not only 44100 16 bit, I made it on a 486, it is not realistic on 2013
  • to freeze instruments and external synth hooked through virtual midi
  • to freeze audio tracks with effects
  • audiobus
  • wist
    …and these are only standard features, not scifi, often apps priced 15.99 eur have features like those, without even asking for them…and for 44.99 eur? nothing at all, only a basic midi/audio seq with a silly rompler without no parameters…but this is the true scifi on 2013!


I just wanted to let y’all know that I gonna add your feature requests
to the first post so that Steinberg can easily see what the needs are
right now. I gonna keep this up and hope they’ll have an eye on this.

Best regards.

This can already be done easily with the transpose-option in the tool-bar.

I must say I was some what not satisfied when I purchase this app. When I compare it to Music Studio with regards to sounds,
It need work in that avenue, also we need the ability to adjust the sounds on the instruments . Also a key lock is needed when
Editing notes .


Can you specify the keylock feature for notes please?
I don’t get it right now.

When u in the piano roll editing the notes it’s quite a task. Better control over the editor, when editing it seems to jump all over the place.A lock would be an asset.

One more thing. I’d like to hear what you think about it.

It’d be nice to be able to choose where you want the tool bar and
transport. Sometimes I’d like the stuff on the bottom of the screen.
I’m also using BeatMaker 2 and I dunno if it’s just imagination but I
think I’m faster having the stuff at the bottom sometimes.

I like tool bar where it is, it’s just the problems we having with the lack of good sounds, instruments where you could adjust the values and a note editor that’s all over the place.
Last but not least for the price we pay for this app where is the Animation
Some users are also experiencing crashing problems.

  • correct metronome BPM
  • half high track
  • fade curves

You can pull up all editors to use 'em full-screen already.
I also had crashing problems. Please note that this
topic is for fr’s, not bug reports.

Best regards.

Can you explain the “half high track”-thing? Do you want to adjust the size of a track or something like that?
I’ve already put the fade curves in the first post. But I guess the problem with the BPM should have an own bug report topic.

Best regards.

Please add:

Groove Agent or ability to add samples to create custom kits

More synths, basses and arp presets.

Ability to export to individual tracks.

Isn’t there already a possibility to export multiple tracks at once?
I guess I saw it somewhere… Correct me if I’m wrong.

If you want to export an individual track, simply solo it.

The GAO thing is already listed