List of Feature Requests

Tempo track has already been mentioned but this should also include the ability to change time signature as well. Maybe that’s obvious, but perhaps it doesn’t hurt to clarify! Lots of good suggestions on this thread already, I hope that many of them can be included soon!

Hey Phil. Good Point. I added it to the first post. Thanks.

besides the most obviously (automation,proper eq…) mentioned before i would like to add:

1.better visibility of different regions.Its impossible to see where a region ends and a new one begins until you click on it.And it would be nice if they would a little more"plastically"looking if you know what i mean.They look like ghost copies.

2.Muting selected region(s)

3.easier/faster way to duplicate/copy regions in the edit screen (and/or a loop function for certain regions)

4.zoom out at song pointer position.Zooming is a pita,it never zooms where i currently need it and scrolling is slow.

5.improved interface when you zoom in for a closer look.Interfaces becomes sluggish then.It also freezes sometimes for a couple of seconds when i hide/show the inspector.

6.if you solo a track and “unsolo’” it again all tracks are unmuted then.The prior muted tracks should stay muted!

7.Multitouch for mute buttons.Currently not possible to press more then one mute button at once.

8.(saving own)presets for effects and chords.

9.Pad Banks,so we have more than 16 drumpads accessble (like ABCD=64 pads)

10:Mediabay:swipe to the left=delete

11.Pressing a mute button (or anything else)in the mixer channel always selects the channel immediately.I have to say that the white"blinking"mixerchannel is annoying to me.Would be nice if it behaves like in the edit screen (selects the channel only if you touch on the name or so).alternatively you could make the selected channel a little darker.Best case:do both :slight_smile:

12.i would like to have something like a brightness fader for the edit screen background (in the settings menu).I don’t like it THAT much to stare on a white screen.But maybe it’s just me…

13.CPU meter (or did i just overlooked it?)

14.ability to use own samples at least for the drumpads

15.Make this thread sticky :wink:

As a newbie, I would like to see:

  • Virtual Keyboard with support for (custom) musical scales, similar to the touch keyboard of Magellan and the “KB Scale” tab of Animoog. In fact there seems to be a nice space between the ‘Pads’ button and the ‘e’ button… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cubase 7’s chord track - or something similar - would be an ideal addition to Cubasis.


forgot one:would be more comfortable to have a popup menu for the midi channel selection.

edit:another one :slight_smile:

a few subgroups (2-3)would be handy.

edit2:oops,apologize for requesting a mute function for certain regions.It’s already there,stupid i am :blush:

Also the ability to group tracks would be nice

Added some of your suggestions to the first post. Thank you!

Multiple selection in the Media Bay and Trash

Option to delete the stock audio files

an option to lock a track including all settings for that track

a bigger X tapspot to close the media bay, mixer, keys, pads

touching a track fader in mixer view should scroll the event screen up or down so that the track being edited is visible above the mixer

a feature to add visible bookmarks to the timeline

auto punch in/out

see battery level

midi punch in / out

Audio-Editor: mute selection

I would like to see the audio punch in/out feature added soon too.

Within the key editor, when notes are next to each other and they have the same velocities, then it’s very difficult to see the beginning/end of each note.

Please make the border of the note larger to correct this problem.

Many thanks. :wink:

Getting the features you all have described makes the app a super app. I would like to add a bit more adaptability for outside audio interfaces. Batteries along side of power supplies and functionality of the ur22 keeping it less cumbersome for true mobility. Or a set of stick on mics or inputs. Like the Alesis io dock with a lightening connector

Virtual Keyboard and Midi editor needs to go below C0.I was quite happy that i can use Beatmakers drumsampler via audiobus in cubasis now but realized i can’t access one and a half pad banks cause the pads start at C-2.So i had to remap some of my most important kits which is not a comfortable solution.And i noticed i CAN record pads below C0 into cubasis when i play the pads in BM and record them on a midi track in cubasis.Funny thing is i can’t access/correct the notes then (besides the auto quantize)but they are definitely there and playing.Although"invisible".

Dont know if it’s been mentioned before but a ‘Lock Track’ feature would be good.

When you don’t want any accidental editing, erasing, shifting of track or level mix changes, etc. simply press a lock symbol on a particular track and it will be locked except for solo and mute as needed. Also would protect from accidentally arming the wrong track prior to recording.

24 bit 96 khz recording is a must - Auria already has it :wink:

My wishlist:
Import MIDI-file direct from for example Dropbox.
And possibility to “dissolve parts” to extract tracks for each MIDI-channel.


I know it’s been suggested already but I’d like to second the introduction of a usable sampler into Cubasis. And to be honest if that’s all you added (instrument-wise) I’d be pretty happy.

It could be powered by the existing pads/keyboard UIs:-

  1. Import a beat/audio into Cubasis as a single audio file.
  2. Open in audio editor - split the audio up into segments (like any loop slicer)- automatically with ability to adjust, or just manual - I don’t mind.
  3. Option to “Send to sampler” - which then maps the segments automatically to the pads or keyboard, with the basic options such as different loop types. Reverse playback etc. Ability to perhaps save as a new sampler instrument in the media library (and share in the normal ways, itunes file sharing/etc as a single file.)
  4. Tweak individual keymapping/pad settings.

Also, I’d like to request a couple of tweaks!

  1. Folders in the mediabay - I’d like to seperate my own loops/midi files/etc from the factory files. Preferably into folders on a per project basis.
  2. Improved sample editor - have loops which play only the current selection. Option to Extract multiple pieces from single sample into audiocopy/paste buffer or as new audio files in the mediabay, in one hit (could be functionality that precedes the full sampler).
  3. Pitch shifting/timestretching.
  4. Step/Beat sequencer, with pattern changes, mute parts/ panning/ etc controlled via midi. Ability to bake step sequencing to midi.
  5. Automation of mixing and FX.

I know some of this is requested already but I want to support the requests already made!

It’s blinding app so far, thanks Steinberg. Thanks for having the foresight to make it.

Here’s my top requests

MIDI clock sync IN and OUT

An on screen keyboard with scale lockable keys …

IOS VST plug in support … Auria say their plug ins are this format, so I suppose SB can do it too… They invented VST!

A way to use my iPhone to run a few synths into Cubasis over wifi or Bluetooth.


I see it coming that Steinberg will have to either offer a second, “pro” version of Cubasis with a significantly higher price tag or build in a detailed in-app-purchase feature.

+1 24 bit. I’ve bought the app, but refuse to use it for recording until it records at 24 bit. It’s a matter of principle for me. I’m fine with 44100 sample rate though.