List of Feature Requests

I know it’s been suggested already but I’d like to second the introduction of a usable sampler into Cubasis. And to be honest if that’s all you added (instrument-wise) I’d be pretty happy.

It could be powered by the existing pads/keyboard UIs:-

  1. Import a beat/audio into Cubasis as a single audio file.
  2. Open in audio editor - split the audio up into segments (like any loop slicer)- automatically with ability to adjust, or just manual - I don’t mind.
  3. Option to “Send to sampler” - which then maps the segments automatically to the pads or keyboard, with the basic options such as different loop types. Reverse playback etc. Ability to perhaps save as a new sampler instrument in the media library (and share in the normal ways, itunes file sharing/etc as a single file.)
  4. Tweak individual keymapping/pad settings.

Also, I’d like to request a couple of tweaks!

  1. Folders in the mediabay - I’d like to seperate my own loops/midi files/etc from the factory files. Preferably into folders on a per project basis.
  2. Improved sample editor - have loops which play only the current selection. Option to Extract multiple pieces from single sample into audiocopy/paste buffer or as new audio files in the mediabay, in one hit (could be functionality that precedes the full sampler).
  3. Pitch shifting/timestretching.
  4. Step/Beat sequencer, with pattern changes, mute parts/ panning/ etc controlled via midi. Ability to bake step sequencing to midi.
  5. Automation of mixing and FX.

I know some of this is requested already but I want to support the requests already made!

It’s blinding app so far, thanks Steinberg. Thanks for having the foresight to make it.

Here’s my top requests

MIDI clock sync IN and OUT

An on screen keyboard with scale lockable keys …

IOS VST plug in support … Auria say their plug ins are this format, so I suppose SB can do it too… They invented VST!

A way to use my iPhone to run a few synths into Cubasis over wifi or Bluetooth.


I see it coming that Steinberg will have to either offer a second, “pro” version of Cubasis with a significantly higher price tag or build in a detailed in-app-purchase feature.

+1 24 bit. I’ve bought the app, but refuse to use it for recording until it records at 24 bit. It’s a matter of principle for me. I’m fine with 44100 sample rate though.

Some features I’d like to see added are:

-need more intelligent placing of clips when pasting. If I want to create repeating loops of a clip I have to reset the “now” marker each time to the end of each clip that I have posted. The pasting should continue to append to the most recent clip I have pasted or selected. The only time the current paste feature works intelligently is after I import a new midi clip when the “now” time is set to 0:00. Otherwise it overwrites the current clip, or pastes it in some random spot

-needs a feature to created linked clips for audio and midi (vs just pasting a a copy of these clips)

  • it would really be nice to be able to drag to create linked copies of a clip ( ie to loop it multiple times)

  • need a punch-in recording capability

  • need a group select and delete capability in the midi import windows. Currently you have to manually select and delete files one at a time

  • would like to independently colour individual clips (events)

I should close by noting I think this app has potential, but think the audio samples do not sound as good as that of Music Studio.

Need group select to delete midi files

My list is very short as I think this app is excellent and can only get better.

  1. Automation
  2. An upright bass virtual instrument (I’m surprised that was not already included given all the other virtual instruments included).


The Chord Track would make my day :mrgreen:

As Cubasis is a hub for all the other music apps thanks to audio bus, time stretch and pitch shift are the most important features to me right now.

I would like the following features.

  1. Notation Display for individual tracks.
  2. A Harp Virtual Instrument.


24 Bit support for recording.

A real parametric EQ

Not so important, but I would forever be indebted to you if you implemented it:

Like someone else suggested, a sampler, something where I can important an audio file, chop it up and assign it to the keyboard. Time stretch or pitchshift each sample and reassign the locations of the chops on the fly.

The above additions would make Cubasis the perfect mobile DAW!

Also, if it’s true as someone says about Auria using VSTs. I would love to see some making the jump into Cubasis. Having Fabfilter’s Pro-Q in Cubasis would be awesome!

I would really like to see punch-in audo recording capability too.

I didn’t want to read through all the comments, so maybe , my suggestions are already mentioned

  • not only horizontal zooming, but also vertical
  • I do not know the right termenology and maybe it is already available… Send MIDI clock and some feature that, if you use a drum kit in audiobus, when the drum kit starts playing Cubasis starts recording simultanious. (If this is available can someone please explain how this works?) I know you can edit the recoding, but this is a lot of work

#Marreman Vertical zooming is already there, just try it on the track names rather than the main area to the right.

Yes it works already. If you’re using the drum-app, there should be a little slider for the audio-bus-controls where the Cubasis transport is available.

Best regards.

I see 1.3 is on its way. Looks good, but I do hope some of the ‘other things’ relate to the midi editor. I bought Cubasis on the strength of its midi credentials on other platforms thinking that this is where its strength woud lie. Fairly basic so far.

Two simple additions would keep me going for a while:
1 Quantise strength so I can tighten my drum performances a little without removing all life from them.
2 Set all selected notes to a set length. Drum notes don’t need to one bar long, but they are sometimes recorded like that with the system I use.

Fairly basic midi stuff. Midi was Steinberg’s strength. I have the luxury of Auria to mix with.


1 vst and vsti standard for iOS
2 internal synth with analogic emularono and wavetables
3 internal sampler synth with filter,envelopes , effect and user waves
4 midi edit with sysex and controller edit
Bye from italy

Can samples be assigned to the pads and or keys yet?
Also, folders in the media bay is key.

What I would like for starters is the ability to:

    1. group tracks - especially drum tracks
  1. edit velocity by midi value
  2. import midi files directly from Dropbox

A Silence, as opposed to Trim or Erase, function in the Sample editor will be much appreciated.

:ugeek: The ability to save mix downs as mp3 (320k) vs m4a (256k) :ugeek: