List of Feature Requests

Yes it works already. If you’re using the drum-app, there should be a little slider for the audio-bus-controls where the Cubasis transport is available.

Best regards.

I see 1.3 is on its way. Looks good, but I do hope some of the ‘other things’ relate to the midi editor. I bought Cubasis on the strength of its midi credentials on other platforms thinking that this is where its strength woud lie. Fairly basic so far.

Two simple additions would keep me going for a while:
1 Quantise strength so I can tighten my drum performances a little without removing all life from them.
2 Set all selected notes to a set length. Drum notes don’t need to one bar long, but they are sometimes recorded like that with the system I use.

Fairly basic midi stuff. Midi was Steinberg’s strength. I have the luxury of Auria to mix with.


1 vst and vsti standard for iOS
2 internal synth with analogic emularono and wavetables
3 internal sampler synth with filter,envelopes , effect and user waves
4 midi edit with sysex and controller edit
Bye from italy

Can samples be assigned to the pads and or keys yet?
Also, folders in the media bay is key.

What I would like for starters is the ability to:

    1. group tracks - especially drum tracks
  1. edit velocity by midi value
  2. import midi files directly from Dropbox

A Silence, as opposed to Trim or Erase, function in the Sample editor will be much appreciated.

:ugeek: The ability to save mix downs as mp3 (320k) vs m4a (256k) :ugeek:

The resurrection of the interactive phrase synth as an in app purchase

essentially better / sparkling midi control - its cpu lite

  • MIDI clock in & out please ??
  • 24bit audio rec
  • the ability to group tracks

    But mainly MIDI clock… :smiley:
    thank you

My favorite features would be:

  • MIDI through
  • punch in / out
  • the possibility to edit sustain, pitch and modulation messages
  • better sound-quality for the internal instruments
    (I´m Cubase-Artist User and so I used the Halion-Sonic sounds,
    in my Opinion these are much better than the internal Cubasis Samples)
  • some kind of VST instruments (like Virtual Guitarist) or at least some useable MIDI loops.

(As some others mentioned before, I would be too willing to pay for some better sounds or some Virtaul Gitarist substitute, or some other special features beyond the DAW basics)


Animation , the ability to group tracks and also VU meters in the arrangement view for the tracks much like its bigger brother Cubase.

Animation? What do you want to animate? Or are talking about automation?

Thanks Ha Ha, don’t know how Animation come into my head and I didn’t even preview before I post.
Yes I do mean AUTOMATION

Hi Mr Steinberg,

I have a request ( or 2 actually)

Multi outputs ( this is really going to help people to take it to stage ,seperate klick for drummer,submix out for FOH)

24bit at somepoint would be nice


A full VSTi implementation, so that it is possible to use for example the Korg legacy collection and other VST instruments. ( a way of using the .dll extensions for this on the ipad)

.dll stands for Windows plugins. You cannot use it on a Mac
this way. How should this work on an iPad then?



Pitch Shifting, too. Would both be nice!

Please add an “instrument” that has no sound and just forwards MIDI messages from track MIDI selection in to MIDI track out selection.
Like “no instrument” lets just name it “external”
Im trying to play bsi-16 from cubase, but i get no sound when playing from external midi device (korg nanokey)
I can see keys being pressed on the virtual keyboard in cubasis while i play from external controller, but there is no sound unless i play virtual keyboard from the screen.
i know there are workarounds, but none allows me to stay in cubasis and not switch apps all the time.
Please add this, it will allow cubasis to become external sequencer for other apps and external hardware MIDI gear, giving it much versatility and the use of better sounds.

Thank you,


Hey Dane,

this should already work. Set up the Instrument track, choose ‘no instrument’, then go to MIDI connections
and choose the virtual MIDI Channel the other app responds to. I might be wrong and it doesn’t work. But then it’s rather a bug.