List of Feature Requests


Pitch Shifting, too. Would both be nice!

Please add an “instrument” that has no sound and just forwards MIDI messages from track MIDI selection in to MIDI track out selection.
Like “no instrument” lets just name it “external”
Im trying to play bsi-16 from cubase, but i get no sound when playing from external midi device (korg nanokey)
I can see keys being pressed on the virtual keyboard in cubasis while i play from external controller, but there is no sound unless i play virtual keyboard from the screen.
i know there are workarounds, but none allows me to stay in cubasis and not switch apps all the time.
Please add this, it will allow cubasis to become external sequencer for other apps and external hardware MIDI gear, giving it much versatility and the use of better sounds.

Thank you,


Hey Dane,

this should already work. Set up the Instrument track, choose ‘no instrument’, then go to MIDI connections
and choose the virtual MIDI Channel the other app responds to. I might be wrong and it doesn’t work. But then it’s rather a bug.

Hello Dane,

I think what you are missing is a MIDI-Thru function. There is already a “No Instrument” instrument in Cubasis, but it does not allow the use case that you describe. However, we are working on a function that allows to forward input from the MIDI-In to the MIDI-Out. We plan to include that function in Cubasis 1.4 that we want to release in May.

Kind regards,

My list of feature request:
Everything my 8Mhz Atari cubase version had in the eighties.
Or better what my Atari Falcon had in the early nineties.

Except for the monochrome layout, :laughing:

My suggestion:

  • tempo track
  • vst’s
  • more quantization options (especially triplets)

Is it in anyway possible to add silence to an audio track or silence a part of it? Right now I delete noise from an audioclip but it “pulls” the rest of the clip out of sync with the song… It is quite possible that I am the one doing something wrong …

Good point. There should be a Gate in the FX-section.

Exactly :slight_smile:

I totally agree! I was very disappointed to discover, after purchase, that Cubasis was only 16 bit. For now it will only serve a s a scratch pad for me with “real” recording done in Auria.

Which is a drag frankly because I think just about everything wrt workflow is better/easier/more-intuitive in Cubasis.

my requests include:

–folder tracks
–folders in media bay
–drag duplication (or repeated “copies to end” of previous paste)
–a simplified version of arranger track (I realize a “fully-capable” arranger track is a fairly robust implementation) … but a simplified version might be: draw/select A, B, C, D, etc., sections… clicking apply would instantly flatten track to said arrangement. One could revert to previous snapshots to try/impliment alternatives.
–midi clock in and out
–sub-group creation assignment (like Auria)
–vst plugins

plenty more… but these for starters.

IMO, Cubasis needs to match the sonic capabilities of Auria to actually be perceived as a pro competitor and not some “lo-fi” app toy.

Usability… ease of use… intuitive wise Cubasis trounces Auria, which IMO is a pain in the butt to use. For example every time I record a track in Auria I have to go find the track in the mixer or expand the view in order to unclick the record-enable button to even hear the track! Hello!!That kind of work flow clunkiness is not only totally lame but makes me think the developers have never even done any actual recording! I could go on and on… (like going to some some menu/page to just toggle the metronome… another Hello? anybody home?)

Seriously, I bought Auria a few months back soooo excited. But seriously, after using it a dozen hours or so, I don’t even want to go near it. ESPECIALLY after using Cubasis for not even a few hours already!

Here’s what really irks me: that Cubasis/Steinberg is forcing me to still have to rely on Auria to get pro quality multi-track recordings (which any pro will agree STARTS at 24 bit, minimum).

One post very aptly put it: why is the Cubasis team giving us 1980’s audio quality in 2013? I concurwith THAT question (assessment).

That said I love Steinberg, having used it since 1988 and having produced over 30 commercially released CDs on it over the last 30 years. I ain’t leavin.

But I am scratchin’ my head on this one one. I’m not worried. I KNOW these guys are smart enough to get this together… but hopefully soooooooner rather than later, nudge nudge wink wink say-no-mo.

Cubasis is a scratchpad. But a very powerfull one.
And the developers are doing a great job. If the auria-
developers would have implemented MIDI,
it’d also take a bit longer I guess. It’s a question of the focus.
And if Cubasis was audio-only, it’d already be there.
But I’m glad that it’s not audio-only.
Cubasis is a production tool. Not a fully featured
recording software yet. But I guess the patience will be worth it.

I would like to request markers for sections of the composition. This would be hugely helpful.
Thanks for making a great app for real music production.

Hi all,

Following features also if provided, will make cubasis more attractive and worth for the money:

Noise gate
Option to add silence in selected portion of the waveform
Time stretch in waveform
Indian drumkits like Tabla, Mridang, indian percussion, indian loops and note tuneable tabla tones, mridang etc.
Note tuneable loops and tempo changeable loops.


Thanks and regards,

import zip instrument files like fl studio mobile…a synth…a multi sampler…duck the rest!

Track teampo change, it is ridicolous that this easy feature is not implemented in any of the iOS daws/sequencers.
I play in a prog-rock band and can’t use cubasis because our songs change meter and tempo many times.

we needs CC and PC and SysEx midi messages implementation in/out …come on u can do it :bulb: :bulb:

oups i forget …Microtuning / scala :bulb: :bulb:

I know that Cubasis provides a web interface that allows you to copy files to your PC. However this is quite slow for big files that are more then 1 GB.
iTunes only allows me to copy the complete Mixdown/Project/Audio folders which means that everytime I have to copy more then what I need.

I would like to have a possibility to copy individual projects (or audio files) through direct USB connection instead of only the web interface through wifi.

i mentioned it a couple of months ago but i have to bump it cause it got really annoying over the time:

when i solo a track and switch solo off again,all tracks - that where muted before - are unmuted.I don’t know of any situation when this"feature"could be useful.Tracks should stay muted,i don’t want to have them playing all at once.Or at least i want to decide myself…

And please:at least volume automation sooooon :wink: