List of Feature Requests

1)In midi editor When grid is off, show the last selected grid with dotted line
2)Double tap the grid square to enable and disable the last selected grid resolution

A small Mixer view would be very handy,just like in Cubase/Nuendo.From time to time i would love to see more than 8 tracks at once.

I know this have already been mentioned but I assume more noise helps

CC Automation and some sort of timestretch capability please.

Looplay in audioeditor…
Why had this essential function even has to be a request???


Ability to control Cubasis from transportcontrollers like Launchkey

Micrologue is fantastic, but it sounds very “static” in the mix if you can’t record all those fantastic filter sweeps… :frowning:
So, sorry to sound like a broken record Steinberg, but please place Automation on the top of your priority list for next Cubasis update…


That’s the big one which will make this something actually usable on any kind of serious level. Until then it’s just a fun curiosity.

C’mon Steinberg!

i have to second this.


I would love to see automation in Cubasis but I am being honest, I don’t miss it that much, there are ways around it. Not 20 years ago there was not much Automation. You decided something sounded good you recorded it, it either was good or you replace it again.

I would much rather see an option for freezing tracks to include the FX Tail in the beginning of the flattened Audiofile. For creating a seamlessly looping track. As it stands now I have to use 2 Audiotracks, it works but it would keep the project a little bit more tidy.

And the inclusion of sidechain would be nice. While with most Synths you can easily achieve the effect with LFO Amp Modulation its is much more productive having it as an effect. I wouldnt really need a Sidechain in the Compressor, just an insert Effect that Sidechains according to the Host Tempo and some basic settings. Much like the Vengeance Multiband Sidechain does…Yes I know I am a trancer, we need that stuff. :mrgreen:

And last but not least, we all know it will come, Groove Agent or a similar drum sampler.

Cubasis is getting better with each update and is quickly becoming my goto Daw! Besides automation I would like to
See the following features added:
Scale keyboard with configurable scales
Auto repeat for drums and instruments
Improved Midi clock sync (I can’t get it to work with anything)
Pattern sequencer
Built in arpeggiator
Thanks and keep the great upgrades coming!

make handy zoom !!! like in nanostudio or garageband. on the moment is terrible.

  1. good zoom
  2. make midi editor more comfortable
  4. more friendly for ipad 2 and ipad mini resources
  5. add new synths and effects in future
  6. WARPING audio with markers (like in ableton live)
  7. DRUM SAMPLER with basic editing and the ability to upload their own samples
  8. automation



My only real inclusion would be a reduced version of the Drum Editor.

I’ve been spoilt by not having to remember which midi notes correspond to which drums sound for so long now its hard like second nature.

I would really appreciate it.

otherwise a great tool

Volume and Pan automation at the very least.

Decibel markings on the meters - even the meters on the effects

A volume reduction meter on the compressor effect

After just doing some editing I’ll add the considerable weight of a +1 to this!

Or even better, another button in the midi editor to toggle snap and leave the grid as it was.

My list would be:

  • Ability to easily insert bars instead of shifting tracks over
  • Song sections that can be named (intro, verse, chorus, etc.)
  • Looping a selection so you don’t need to copy and paste
  • Like almost everyone else, automation
  • Track level undo/redo
  • Sidechaining
  • Any easier way to enter triplets in midi tracks (seems like you may need to enter 1/8 notes then quantize to triplets but maybe I’m missing something)

Great product!

My wish would be, a Midi CC Table for all parameters inlcuding microloque to use an external controller. :wink:



In the “Keys” view, I would love to see the keys that are being pressed with a different color (for example red) instead of just a shadow so that they are easier to notice when playing and studying a midi file.
An example can be seen here

A drum sampler/machine like the LM4-Mk II would be brilliant.

A sampler, PLEASE!


Simple changes to help with usability:

  • grid snap options other than 4/4 (i.e. triplets)
  • something similar to Ctrl-K on the desktop (so we have a parent region, when changed all children are also changed)
    (these two simple features would make the app a viable desktop DAW replacement in terms of usability - for me at least)

    Harder stuff:
  • automation (volume/pan at first then full automation of plugins etc) - would be great if automation is ‘drawable’ in an editor)
  • improve the sounds available, the quality is lacking to say the least. I’d personally trade app size for sound quality
  • some way of loading my sample cd’s (i.e. a software sampler)
  • group tracks
  • the ability to start an iPad compatible song in desktop cubase (with whatever limitations that brings with it). I’d like to be able to chop and change between the two, not just start in Cubasis->Cubase…