List of Feature Requests

I’d like to see the name of the track I’m working on while I’m in it.

Midi mapping for Cubasis Play, Stop, Record etc. This would be a nice feature so users who has external controllers could control Cubasis.

Tempo change, tempo change, tempo change…it’s impossible to consider a daw as a professional one if this basic function is not included.

Is just crazy to believe that all the songs have the same tempo/meter for all the lenght of the song.

I would like to play Micrologue with mono legato mode :wink:

Automation for mix down
Noise gate for every channel during recording or post recording

I would like a mechanism to lock the current position of the locators. Inadvertently touching a clip for a second too long should not always set the locators to that clip’s start and end positions.

A simple gate so I can kill that mic noice my iStudio produces :laughing:

Some folder tracks would be quite helpful…

The grid and snap settings (the two buttons to the right of the quantize button) don’t persist. Set them to new values, exit Cubasis, delete Cubasis as a background app, load Cubasis and the settings revert back to default.

Lanes and the Cubase comp tool would be cool!

For some reason Cubasis 1.6 plays back every audio take recorded instead of the file on top?

Since I just purchased the app I’m not sure if it has always been this way?

New to the forum but I just noticed that IMPC and Beatmaker had bigger pads with less space between each pad. Would it be possible to have bigger pads when those pads fill the screen in a 4x4 grid? It would be a real instrument in itself, whereas right now you have to move your fingers a lot.


This is the one that’s narking me. What I need is to have previous takes of the current track muted as soon as the new take is started. ANY help with this (that still allows monitoring) will be hugely appreciated.

Apart from that, I love this app. My main tool is Cubase 7 but I’m using Cubasis purely for recording vox and accoustic instruments. No computer noise. Wonderful.

O yess!
And Noise Gate should be great idea! With iPad you can record in many different places, so a noise gate is halpfull to cut out any background little noises.
Thank you :smiley:

I’ve seen someone mention time stretching / warping.

The part of me who loves to make mixes on Ableton’s arrangement view would love to see this. Of course you’d need to be able to chop up tracks and EQ, so a lot of work there, but it would make a crazy impact on my life.

Export of Micrologue settings to Retrologue

…and ability to upload own samples from Dropbox.

Certainly, not a “top of the list” request but the ability to save text notes per project or maybe even at the track level.

I would like to see the addition of typing keyboard shortcuts (from an attached bluetooth keyboard). As similar to Cubase as possible within the abilities of Cubasis of course.

64 bit version for iPad. Air

+1 for Group and folder tracks