List of Feature Requests

I wish i could switch off the automatic project backups.I work always on multiple songs and whenever i edit something it makes a new backup.But that’s not enough,it copies all the audiofiles as well.After a while cubasis grows up to a couple of GB unwanted mess.It takes some time to find and delete the unnecessary projects then.

And again and again and again:switching of the SOLO function on one track should NOT unmute all Trax!!!PLEASE!
That makes absolutely no sense.

-Fix the bug that makes Cubasis crash. It happens when the playback skips at the beginning of almost every bar when audio recordings have the.beginnings split and therefore don’t start at the beginning. It’s aggravating.

-Fix unsoloing a track making all mutes disappear. The mutes I place should stay in place.

-A bitcrusher/decimator that reduces bit and sample rates.

i know it’ been said before, but please make the chord pads remember what you last programmed them to. And please make them save with the project. It’s a killer to start all over again with somthing from three weeks ago. yes I can look at the pianoroll and backprogram, but this is not the way it’s supposed to be.

I know it used to work because I’m stuck with the old chords i programmed in 1.4!

Overpowered by chord memory.


Audiobus 2.0 … :smiley:

A minor change to speed up workflow:

Currently, when drawing in midi notes while the draw tool is highlighted every touch on the piano roll draws a new note.

After drawing a note, if I hold down on one of the move, length, velocity etc tab down the left side and slide another finger around, Cubasis should not draw a new note, but follow the command of the button I’m holding down on the left, until I release that button and touch on the piano roll again to draw a new note.

This would mean that when I draw a note in the wrong place, I can quickly move it to the right place without having to deselect draw, move the note and then reselect draw again.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Notation score :wink:

Elastique v2 timestretching with warp markers.

I know I know this is effectively asking for Ableton but it is my most used DAW feature.

Unsure of the feasibility of this though. I know that Ableton has the ability to fall back on a nice big cache to put temporary WAV files in. Space is not so freely available on the pads.

Mono with Legato in Micrologue, please!

hi powerobject,

Please make sure to list your request in the newer user-generated feature request topic:


Done -