List of features still to implement and known bugs


Very happy to see the v1.1 update. The following must be amongst the most common questions but I had a little search and couldn’t find anything - I hope you don’t mind me asking:

Is there a published list of features that are known to be outstanding? e.g.

  • Playback of repeats
  • Playback of trills

Also a list of known bugs, e.g.

  • Ritardando playback - doesn’t work as expected, instead there is a sudden increase of tempo Many thanks,


I’m not sure this would work in practice. Judging from the reference numbers in the published documents, there are literally several thousand “issues” that have being tracked by the Dorico team. Many of them will have been closed out, but trying to classify the open ones into “outstanding features” or “known bugs,” and keeping a published list up to date, would probably take a lot of effort that could have been spent fixing them rather them rather than recording their existence.

It would also be “free marketing material” for the competition, of course - a ready made source for writing a piece about “don’t buy Dorico, look at this list of 100 things that it can’t do but our product can”.

Dorico has always been open about the major features that haven’t been done yet, like chord symbols before the latest update, etc. The Steinberg website and Daniel Spreadbury’s “making notes” blogs are good starting points.

The reason I was asking was because I thought I wasn’t using the software correctly. I’d written music with repeats and when they didn’t play back, thought I might have to go into playback properties or another part of the program - similarly with trills playback. Every time something like this happens means you lose time; if you already knew the feature wasn’t yet available it would save the bother.
I’m only talking about significant things - the best thing I can find on the Steinberg website is the Dorico Features in Depth document, revised May 2017, which lists all the planned features but it would be useful to have something diagrammatical showing what is currently implemented and what is planned. There is a list of 5 items at the top but a one-pager, maybe a table, is what I was thinking of.
And similarly the ritardando playback bug - if I could see a master list or a tracker somewhere it would inform me as to whether I need to post it in this forum, or whether it’s something that’s already on the list to fix.
Many thanks

Hello again

Here is a link to a score where there is a ‘molto rit’ in bar 13, if you play it through you will find the tempo initially jumps ahead instead.

So I don’t know whether I am reporting a known issue or not. But through spending some further time investigating this I found that the time signature change from 5/8 to 6/8 causes a problem and if I remove the first six bars altogether, and start the piece at the 6/8 section then the rit works as expected (although it performs an unexpected ‘a tempo’ at the end)

I hope this is of help to the developers?

Also any news on repeats playback?

Many thanks


Daniel has mentioned that they might improve the ability to have user settings for rits & ralls etc
which may almost answer one of your questions

I have found that searching this forum often leads to an answer. It usually is something that is still under development (cue notes) or an acknowledged bug or deficiency.

Search the forum!

IS there a way to select a vertical stack of notes on different staves and then apply a dynamic to all of them without having to copy and paste each individual dynamic?

No, there isn’t yet.

Other things:
Are there plans to incorporate plug-ins or add-ons as in SIbelius? One that I find very useful is the ability to explode or consolidate parts. Is there already a way to do this automatically without have to select or filter specific voices or chords notes?

I don’t think it will be called ‘explode,’ but Daniel and others have several times that it’s in the works.


We do certainly plan to add explode/reduce features in future, hopefully soon. You can use the existing commands to filter notes in chords, then copy and paste them to other staves, as a kind of ersatz explode feature, though obviously it involves performing more steps than a single command would provide.

A fast (non modal, non dialog) to adding a third, fifth, and octave, above or below to selected notes that could be assigned to a single key press, or modifier-key press, would also be very helpful for arranging. The add notes dialog is a little interrupting of a note entry/manipulation workflow, a modeless option would be helpful.

We have implemented a popover for the forthcoming update that does just this: you can make a selection of a bunch of notes, then type Shift+I to open the popover, then type e.g. 3,5,8 to add notes a third, fifth and octave above the selected notes.

That will great! It will help me a lot with arranging. Thanks!

Great news ! So it’s not all about percussions ^^
This will be a very interesting feature, I can’t wait to try it !

There are a lot of other smaller improvements coming, along with percussion, cues and fingering. If time allows I plan to write another development diary blog post about some of the things we’ve been working on.

Sounds like a Xmas present to me :slight_smile: