List of Films made with Nuendo/Cubase

Happy Holidays Everybody,

Has anyone compiled a list of mainstream projects (Films/TV Shows/Commercials/CDs, etc) made with Nuendo/Cubase? I would love to look at/listen to that media.

I thought we had a list like that somewhere on this forum. But I’m having trouble finding it.

I don’t recall ever seeing that. But it would be interesting.

For what it’s worth, the entire BET series “Baldwin Hills” was mixed in Nuendo… with the help of early iZotope RX. It was my first series back in '06 or so, and dealing with BET’s rather loose relationship with broadcast spec turned out to be a real adventure. But having seen it on one of the streaming platforms (can’t remember which), I think it all worked out in the end. And all of the music for ABC’s “Call Your Mother” last year was done on the Mighty Nu.


I suppose for the high-end of the film industry any of Hans Zimmer’s scores would qualify. At least composed etc. using Cubase, though likely (music) mixed in PT.

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