List of Halion 4 sounds?

I am reinstalling my entire setup to x64. Opened a song and Halion 4 is looking for “Amped Harmonica” I have created the search path without result; then opened the 2 DVD’s and checked that all files exist on my Sounds drive. Can’t imagine what this sound is, unless it’s not a Halion Sound and I imported it. Problem is, Halion (unlike Kontakt) does not easily show the actual name of the missing file. Is there a list of the sounds you get with Halion 4 anywhere? Thanks very much.

Amped Harmonica is part of the “Halion Sonic SE Pro” instrument set.
I’m not aware of a list, but i’ve attached an overview of the amount of installed instruments, so you can compare it with your installation.

You know - that’s very decent of you Niles - thanks very much indeed. I messed around with it a bit and realized that Halion 4 had not registered the Sonic library. After I got it to do this, all was well. Thanks again and HNY.

Glad this helped and you found the missing programs :sunglasses: