List of instruments that player holds

Firstly great update, really enjoying finding out how the new stuff works. I have changed the staff name to Percussion 1, but on the part how do I list what instruments Percussion 1 is playing? I usually achieve this by listing instruments in dedication and using that token next to instrument name at the top of the page. Is there an easier way in the new version> Thanks

I don’t think there’s a more automatic way, at the moment, but if my memory serves this has come up before.

PS glad to hear you’re enjoying the update! And welcome back to the forum.

My recollection is that there is a token which can pull up Staff Labels for instruments in that Layout, either full or abbreviated. This produces the text in-line as an ordinary paragraph, not a single column like the Player List token does.

The only issue I’ve had here is that percussion instruments still cannot take pitched cues, which means I’m often hiding a Sketch instrument (to borrow new terminology!) in the layout which holds these pitched cues for them (without being an instrument change). Which unfortunately means this information will be pulled up by the Staff Labels token, since it IS in the layout.

Outside of this unusual use case, which might be unique to my own way of working, the Staff Labels token should more-or-less be what you need.

Thanks fore the reply. I vaguely remember someone saying that this was going to be fixed, but could be my age!

Thank you! Will try and give that a go. Not a big deal as I can add a token from dedication where I can manually add the instruments for that player.