List Of Keyboard Shortcuts?

Is there a PDF some place with a complete list of the keyboard shortcuts/commands?

closest thing i can find is the html reports you can make from the “customize commands” menu selections. separate for montage, audio files, etc.

Thanks, Bob.

You answered a previous question re. CD Markers and referenced ‘C’ as a key command… which I didn’t know about. So I searched the PDF for that and couldn’t find it. This makes me think there are probably a bunch of other equally handy key commands I’m missing out on.

If you look in the manual from the WaveLab folder under Programs, there is a complete listing under Key Commands, is that what you want ?

It’s in PDF format so you could print it out if needed.

I’m on WL6 so not sure if it’s different for higher versions, but should be the same I would think.

I’m on WL7. There’s no such page in that PDF, nor in the CHM. I’ll try to download that PDF. Thanks.

Update: I looked in the WL6 PDF and there’s no key command entry for ‘Create CD Marker’. Was this feature added in WL7?

No, it was there in Wavelab 6. But you had to do Alt-M and then C. It’s called “Create CD Track from Selection” in the markers menu so it makes start and end marks.

You should be able to print an html report of marker commands from the Customize Commands selection in one of the Marker menus in Wavelab 7. Just wondered, do you manually make CD markers instead of using the CD Wizard, or in addition to? I always use the CD Wizard.