List of known supported / unsupported playback notations?

Where can I find out which common texts/articulations/markings are not (yet?) supported for playback by Dorico?

For example, trill markings don’t seem to be supported at the moment, whether or not I designate a sample in the expression map for an instrument. How do I get them to play without trickery?

What about portamento/continuous glissando effects? I haven’t notated one yet, but how are these effected in playback in Dorico? I was hoping that Play mode would introduce a wealth of playback tweaking features, but it looks like it’s limited to changing chromatic pitch, note start and duration, and assigning VSTs. No altering dynamics, no bending tones, etc. in Play mode.

Basic things like dynamics, slurs, tempo, arpeggios, and some playing techniques such as pizz., arco, mute, etc. already play back. Trills and other ornaments, holds/pauses (including caesuras and breath marks), repeats, glissando lines etc. do not yet play back.

We do have plans to introduce all of the kinds of parameter and controller editing you would expect to be available for editing MIDI in a piano roll editor in Play mode as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we have a limited number of programmers and finite time, so Play mode and playback improvements are fighting it out for priority with everything else we’re working on. I believe your patience will ultimately be richly rewarded!

No problem, Mr. Spreadbury. I’m still learning how to use Dorico (coming off Sibelius), there’s plenty here to keep me occupied in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thanks for a fantastic product!