List of media that you're authorized to use?

Awrite … there is probably some super obvious answer staring me in the face and it has done so for y e a r s :blush: … BUT

I’m reinstalling all the Steinberg stuff at the moment (oh, joy … ) and in the download manager there are stuff I recognize the name of but don’t remember what I bought and can use.
Apart from the big obvious stuff I of course know if I’ve bought there are a few minor things that are either free, like the olympus micro choir that comes with absolute 4, or something else I bought and forgot about haha.
ik Multimedia have their Custom Shop apps that kind of does the same thing as the Steinberg Downloader and in Custom Shop you can see what you own.

So is there some convenient way to check what I can download and use BEFORE I actually do it?



Check your licenses in the eLCC application.

OK, didn’t know.
So all avaialble stuff appears there?
Like I remember the Simon Philips collection something for Groove Agent.
If I had that authorized then it would be visible in the eLCC application?
Too bad, because it isn’t haha.