List of musicians available for remote recordings

The idea behind VST Connect is interesting but it assumes you know some professionals available for remote recordings. So, I think it would be useful to collect somewhere a list of musicians available for remote recording and their fees.

For example, I wish to add real saxophone to a project I am working on, but I don’t know any professional to arrange a VST Connect session with…that’s why such a list would be handy.

Great idea!!

So it starts.


Cool Idea really

So I figured that I should give the list thing a try so I built a site for just this purpose… Nothing fancy but hopefully usable. If someone is interested in giving it a go please do… Let me know if you run into bugs or suggestions for improvements. It has only been unit tested so no real QA… Weekend job…


yes, I was thinking of something like that but more “official” (with a minimum of control on it), maybe linked from the SB forum or site.

It would be nice to be able to use either MySteinberg or forum creds for authentication but I doubt SB would permit their use by a third-part developer. Such allowance would greatly simplify things for users (no login / profile management). In terms of design language the best option would be to use SB’s css and figure out what’s what and use it accordingly. Again, I’m not sure if SB would allow its property to be used by third-party folks. All the above would certainly be nice though.

I thought Charlie Steinberg had sort of already done this.

Lots of great stuff here but a fair amount to wade through if all you are looking for is VST Connect users…

An excellent idea. During the last three years I’ve made an album cooperating online with several studios and musicians (vocalists, guitarists, bassists) from different countries (USA, New Zealand, UK, France). Even the mastering was done at Abbey Road on line. Obviously, a large part of the recordings and all mixes were made at my own studio.

The experience has been very positive and the result can be heard by clicking on my signature and listening to the album titled 1973.

The only limitation I found on this process was the lack of real-time interaction with the musicians. This limitation would be entirely obviated with VST Connect Pro, which seems like a dream.

Now all we need is to be able to use VST Connect with many studios. Therefore I insist that the idea of creating a list of musicians for remote VST Connect recording seems really excellent.

That’s exactly what I am planning to do. BTW, I checked the link and I listened to some songs from your album…very very nice, especially “Long”…

I am working on instrumental project. I recorded most of the tracks in my studio, but I still miss some parts/intruments which I’d like to record remotely, also to keep the costs low…so, I would really appreciated a list of professionals available for remote recordings with their fees. I hope SB will take care of this as it would increase the sells of their new product.

Thank you very much for your kind comment.

So, nobody from SB about this? I think it would be enough to create a form, accessible somewhere from the SB site, where people can register: name, location, bio, gear, soundtrack account to listen to some sample, etc… or something like this.

Just to avoid cheats, etc… I would require a valid credit card at the registration step, also as protection for the people who “hire” those guys for remote sessions…you know, just to avoid that someone gets the money but does not do the job…

This would be a good starting point, but for the future maybe SB can think about a dedicated service for all this.

I created a Facebook Group for this!
Feel welcome to join in and CONNECT :smiley:
(You could also try searching for “VST Connect Performers”)

what about a soundcloud group for it?


I’m a violinist/composer, happy to record violin for people. I’m also looking for a cellist. Cellists please contact me.

Then you would loose most of your participants. Giving away creditcard details as a form of is identification is idiotic in these days of rampant internet creditcard frauds.

These days, I believe, it’s mostly used by shady porn-sites. Would you really aspire to be associated with those?

So I take it that SB is not going to assist with this judging from the age of the post and no response.

Excellent idea, and one I’ve been waiting to happen ever since VST connect came out. But expecting Steinberg to create and support a community that gives them no direct financial benefit? They can barely stand keeping a free online forum.

Well, the operative word here is direct. Isn’t it?

Setting “dating” site for VST Connect users is easy. The complicated thing is handling revenue streams and making sure that the guy who is hired is up to the job. Remember, it’s not only studios that can benefits from hiring musicians. Musicians can benefit from hiring a studio (engineer) for recording and mastering aswell. Finding alternative ways of making money, is what the Internet is about these days, isn’t it?

Here’s one idea. The revenue stream could be handled with some kind of “point” system:

  1. The members could purchase “X” amount of points.
  2. These points could then be used as currency for services rendered. (i.e. recordings done.) The purchasing of points should not be a requisite for signing up. Some members maybe only are interested in being hired and not in hiring.
  3. A member should be able to convert accumulated points at to real currency at any time.

The question about members competence, could easily be solved by letting them post links to Soundcloud and letting the members who hires other members grade them.

This is just a basic idea, that needs to be further refined.

I’m sure that, sooner or later, someone will present a service like this. The question is, will it be Steinberg or someone else? Today, Steinberg has the lead with VST Connect SE integrated in Cubase. Will they capitalize on this, or will they sit idle and let someone else steal the market from under them? I guess, only the future can tell!