List of musicians available for remote recordings

Yes, it is. That’s the whole point. Steinberg makes some great products, but they have no long-term vision when it comes to new ideas. They’re all about the bottom line - profit and how to get more money from their users. They charge whatever they can, as often as they can, and invest as little as possible to maximize profit.
To be fair, most corporations do the same, but unlike Steinberg they at least create an illusion of “customers before profits”, to make sure their customers don’t feel “used” or “cheated”.
So unfortunately, unless they see a way to make direct profit out of it, I’m pretty sure SB will not create such a community. At least not until someone else creates one and makes a viable business option.

Well, there is a way of generating profit with such a service. I don’t think anyone expects them to administer the buying and selling of "point"s for free. Of cause they would deduct a fee for this service.

When this happens, it already too late and VST Connect is a dead duck!

Remote recording is a wide open market today. But as soon as someone presents an easy to use and reliable option, it will slam shut.

Avid call it ‘Avid Everywhere’, see NAMM 2015 for much more on that I’d say.

Ditto for Presonsus, Studio One and Nimbit.
Ditto Propellorheads, Reason & Discover,
And of course Ohm studio, the most developed version of the contacts /social networking aspects of all of this. Many thousands of musicians collaborating there but AFAIK that is not monetised by them, or if so, if ‘off the grid’. (simply post stems from your DAW of choice in the Ohm DAW); works well if you imagine the Ohm DAW as a substitute for VST connect.
Otherwise, Gobbler are doing some cool things in this space, I wonder if they may have the interest to take it further.

All of these services cost for subscription-base and cloud storage (of course). I guess the interesting thing about the VST Connect project is that it is peer-to-peer & platform agnostic at the remote end. It may well be that some enterprising artist may want to wrap a social network /artist fee container around this, but again, could only really be subscription-based like the other examples here. And so it should be, a lot of work there, but suitable enterprise hosting engines can be had for small annual fees (Name Cheap for example).

Steinberg could have intentions in this space, but I wouldn’t hold my breath; many other DAW companies appear to be heading this way. Rumours about Ableton Live for some time now. So-called ‘cloud DAWs’ seem inevitable & IMO, Ohm seem the furthest down the track in this respect.

Google is your friend here, I’ve found plenty of muso’s available…they do want money though, Wim is a member of this community and he is an excellent Sax player…he usually charges around 100 Euro but if your lucky he might do it for 50…it seems the day’s of ‘‘free’’ collab are gone.
but there are some muso’s out there who will collab for free, just gotta find em…


I might be willing to give it a bash just for the experience and learning curve. It would be something totally new to me. Though of course I have played in recording studios before in person (with mixed results! lol). However, I can only play keyboards and so am not a ‘multi-instrumentalist’.


Do I need VST connect Pro? I have Artist and want to try this out.


I tried it and I am on Artist. But we never got very far because it seems that it is very complicated setting all of the AUDIO configurations etc. We tried for about an hour or so though to no avail.



Hi all!

Slightly off on a tangent but sort of related…

Just wondering if there’s anyone on here or anyone knows of (before i hit google) anyone who can ‘do strings’ on a piece i’ve been asked to rework by the original artist… guessing someone with VE Pro or something similar as hiring a large string section isn’t really on the cards for us…

Please pm me if you can help! :smiley:

Forgot to put we also have the original dots the arranger did too…

A serious list of people for remote sessions WOULD be a great idea too! :smiley:

I’m a professional horn player and would be interested in joining the list if this comes to fruition


Does not seem to be much interest in the are unfortunately!