List of needed commands

I’m sure I’m not the only one who everyday comes across commands that I wish existed. I’ve got a whole bunch, I’ll start with one and keep updating this top OP (Original Post) with my own and anyone else who has posted.

Also you can make general suggestions, one of which my would be to have more “one way” commands, for example, ‘Snap On’ and ‘Snap Off’, instead of having a snap toggle key. This would be useful depending on users workflow, and or for using in Macros.

My command recommendation is ‘Undo Cursor Move’

Please stick to a clean format, ex:
-Type - Name of Function - Function Description - Why it’s needed/how you’d used it
-Transport - Undo Cursor Move - Moves cursor back to where you last had it before a move/rewind/snap/nudge

If you would be using it in a macro, type out the macro in point form and add an asterisk , to the new command , ex:
-Locate Selection
-Cut Time
-Locate Project End
-Paste Time
_-Undo Cursor Move

A general suggestion for this command, is to give the Cursor an undo/redo history or memory just like zoom.

Thanks for your suggestions

“Select all disabled Tracks”. (can also just be added as functionality in the PLE, currently not there to my knowledge)

“Fade in to Edit Selection/ Fade out from Edit Selection” (these exist for the playcursor, but would be usefull to have with the edit tool)

-Navigation | Select All Tracks in Folder | With folder highlighted or any track within a folder this would select all the tracks in that same folder.

Would be great if simply Alt-Clicking or double clicking on a folder would do the same.

-Transport | Center Cursor in project window | Brings the cursor to the absolute center of your project window.

-Edit | Paste to Single Selected Track | Pastes any copied regions/events, regardless of multi-channel selections, to one track.

Yes! Hate to have to look up to see if snap is on or off