List of non working shortcuts and some other minor bugs

Hi there,
I make intensive use of custom shortcuts and scripts. I took a bit of time to clean them up with Dorico 4. There’s quite a list of functions that doesn’t work anymore with custom shortcuts. I have no idea if they do with the custom ones. My layout is quite precise, so contradicting shortcuts are not impossible but really unlike. Three comments before the list :

  • With the updates, certain functions are now obsolete (like the tools in play mode) and should be removed;
  • It would be nice if the French translator could systematize the wording for similar functions. It’s quite a bit all over the place now;
  • It would also be nice if the documentation could pin point what each function is supposed to do. Majority are self-explanatory, but others are really twisted, at least in the French traduction.

So the list (I’ve translated the French terms back to English. Might not be the exact wording) :


Define instruments order in score

Rename player

Sort player

Rename Group

Sort layout


Augment grid resolution

Augment lane size

Diminish grid resolution

Desactivate all mutes

Desactivate all solos

Selectioned player in solo

Plug-in Rack

Reduce grid resolution

Navigate to the beginning

Navigate backward

Navigate forward

Selection Tool :

Select tool shortcut doesn’t work, but pencil does

Scripts won’t work to select any of the tools in the key editor window


Cannot input a shortcut in the shotcut window, but default works


Navigate preceding bar

Navigate following bar


Group, Ungroup and remove from group for Playing technique seems inactive


Align dynamics : grey out in main menu and not appearing in the contextual menu. Doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

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This (for me) has never worked in Write mode. It is strictly an Engrave mode thing and is the main reason why I group dynamics in Write mode :wink:

Does this list refer exclusively to the French version of Dorico 4.0?


impossible to unlink dynamics (& velocity) of the two hands of a piano .
If I work on the dynamics or velocity of one hand it’ apply automatically in the other hands.

You can give each voice their own dynamics (see here) and enable independent voice playback to hear the difference (that’s the “IRV” button in Play mode, and it assigns each active voice belonging to the instrument to its own endpoint).

Yes it’s one of the way i use but I can’t have différent velocity on the two hands
eg. :
f on the left hand &
p<f to the right.

Same problem if I want to work dynamics or velocity on two voices of a same staff
eg : (up stem & down stem)

I found with IRV on it is ok !

No idea. I didn’t check in other languages

You’re most probably right even if I don’t remember it not working in Write mode before. It would explain why it’s not appearing in the contextual menu.