List of Older VST that work/don't work with Cubase 7

I have purchase upgrade from 6.5 to 7.5 but am very wary of installing it since reading the note that older <=vst 2.3 SDK versions may not be compatible.

Firstly, I have a huge investment in these plugins and cannot afford to buy new ones.

Secondly I find it surprising that a) the note about compatibility is hidden away in a readme file which I could only view once I purchased the software! b) the use of the word “may”. Why can’t we get some detail as to what is known/not known to work rather than relying on forums or at least a description of what are the specific reasons that would make a 2.3 plugin work or not work.

Has anyone complied a list of older plugins that work / don’t work / have workarounds etc.?

Can anyone provide their experiences with the following ones that I am specifically interested in:

Roger Nichols Uniquel-izer

Native Instruments Pro 53
TC Works - Mercury

rgcaudio z3ta+

IK Multimedia AmgegSVX
Native Instruments B4II
Korg M1, MS-20, Polysix, Wavestation
Toontrack ezdrummer
Toontrack ezkeys

Also interested in any feedback regarding waves plugins v5. I’ve heard only version 9 and above work in Cubase 7.5 in which case I have to choose to dump $1000s of waves investment vs $300 worth of Cubase investment.

Aloha G,

I was under the impression that there is a ‘demo’/trail version of Cubase 7.5 to avoid
these types of issues.


All Toontrak drummer products work just fine. I don’t use EZ Keys, but I would suspect there would be riot if it didn’t work.

Pro-53 works just fine. I love it and use it often.
B4 II should work fine, but I don’t have it any longer.
rgcaudio z3ta+ works just fine.

Keep in mind I’m using Windows 7 64 Cubase 7.5 64 and JBridge. I would not rely on the built-in Cubase bridge, but if it works…great!

I would suggest focusing on what plugs DO NOT WORK. If you are on Windows 7 honestly there are not very many plugs that don’t work with Cubase 7.5.

Thanks for quick reply. This narrows it down a lot. I will install 7.5 (32bit) on Windows 7 (64bit) along side my current installation. I am hoping all but Waves plugins will work and that I just need to find a solution for them down the track

I don’t think I have found a single plugin that doesn’t work in Cubase 7.5 if you use jBridge.


the NI plug-ins work just fine in Cubase 7.5, same for Toontrack’s (don’t have them installed here, but have at home, I recall them being 2.4).
Z3ta+ also works fine (both V1 and V2) - but SFZ is 32 bit only, if I rememeber correctly.

IK’s Ampeg SVX is outdated and 32 bit only.
It has been integrated in Amplitube CS, Native 64 bit and VST 2.4. I suggest to install that, works great for me.

If you are going to install both 32 and 64 bit, please make sure to keep the different versions strictly separated, possibly in 3 folders, like in the following example:

  1. your 64 bit path\VSTPlugins
  2. your 32 bit path\VSTPlugins
  3. your 32 bit path\VSTPlugins (bridge)

This will avoid conflicts between versions and prevent Cubase from scanning plug-ins which are not in the correct architecture. In this example, Cubase x64 will only scan the first and third folders, Cubase x86 the second and third.


Well Fabio, I’m not sure if the Bridge works on the PC, but on the Mac it’s a piece of junk:

I would strongly advise against using any 32-bit plug-ins on a 64-bit system!

Hello Svenne,

results with the internal bridge are very much system-specific and dependant on the plug-ins to be bridged.
This applies to both platforms. For instance, I have never been able to bridge 32 bit amp sims successfully in Cubase 64 on my personal rig - one instance will simply saturate the VST Performance. Works mostly fine with older Steinberg plugs, though, and also worked fine with IK’s CSR for me. But again, the outcome may vary, also because of the VST SDK’s version.

I would also strongly advise to avoid using 32 bit plug-ins in Cubase 64 bit. Unless you are using jBridge, which can work fine with a little tweaking.

Perhaps the internal bridge is a Windows only proposition. On the Mac it’s a waste of time and resources, that Steinberg could put to much better use, if you ask me. I haven’t counted how many plug-ins I’ve tested, everything from freeware, shareware to commercial, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the neighborhood of 60 or 70. I still haven’t found a single one, that doesn’t force me to jump through the hoops described in my other posting.

So you might understand my opinion that Steinbergs internal bridge is a (bad) joke. At least on the Mac.