List of page overrides

Is there a way to list or determine what I’ve overridden on a page? I can remove the overrides of course, then undo that command, but I’m not sure my eyes will catch everything.


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No, sorry.


In Engrave mode you see that pages with overrides have coloured edge decorations. These indicate what has been overridden. See here in the manual:

Would that be helpful to you?

[I know this because I had to ask on the forum recently what the symbols mean!]

Thanks, Andro. I knew that, but perhaps others don’t.

I have a score with a bunch of flows, and lots of pages, most of which somehow (a few years ago) I’ve overridden. So they have that coloured edge. I wish I knew what I did! But time has erased my memory… ah, such is life…

Since the details of the overrides aren’t listed you probably have no choice but to switch back and forth between the two versions in order to catch the differences (Remove the overrides / Undo). A good workout for the eyes :flushed:. You might also see what the differences are on page 9, 12, 13, where there are no overrides.

If you have that many page overrides, it might well be worth investigating why in order to check whether another approach would be better.

Adding title/flow information in Project Info, customizing flow headings and assigning them to pages, changing the margins above/below flow headings (either default in the layout or as part of a flow heading change), and customizing the running header on the Default page template rather than on each page, for example. Apologies for the repetition if these are things you already know about!

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In addition to what Lillie posted here, she had another suggestion on a different post that could be helpful: create a new Full Score layout (rename it to avoid confusion). This will not have any page overrides at all. You could switch back and forth between the two layouts to see what’s different between them.

Anything you can do though to avoid individual page overrides is preferable.

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Thanks for all the advice.

I think most of my overrides are graphic and text frames. This document has quite a few of those, and so maybe I’d be more happy with a PDF editor. However, it’s a working document that I change quite frequently, so keeping everything in Dorico is really handy.

It’d just be nice to know if it’s just the extra frames, or other overrides. I suppose I can delete those frames (then undo!) to see if that’s the only substantial change.

I frequently do what an earlier poster suggested: remove overrides, then immediately undo; redo, undo; redo, undo; etc as required. You can then get a good feel for what’s changing.

The red triangles tend to look like error indicators (red = danger). But actually they only ask if there isn’t a general soIution for an override case. If your graphic and text frames have no fixed places that could be set on the default page template, I guess nothing is wrong with the red triangles. Except that they should turn blue once that has been resolved :wink: