List of PT/score items vs. Playback techniques?

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One quick question, is there a list of which prefab playback techniques are enabled and connected to which score item?
This info would obviously help link 3rd party library articulations to the available tools in Dorico.

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You can see all the available playing techniques in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog, including which playback technique they’re connected to.

I believe it is also the case that if you hover over a playing technique in the panel in Write mode, it will show you in the tool tip what playback technique it corresponds to.

It’s not as good as a list, I grant you!

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Thanks for your answers, pretty helpful already, but aren’t there also other score items, like harmonics and others which aren’t playing techniques but are still connected to playback techniques? Reason I’m asking is that I’m still trying to perfect my guitar XPMap, and was looking for a way to connect the dead note switch to a keyswitch in the VST…


I had a quick look at this, and it seems that dead notes send the pt.muted playback technique.

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Thx, Benji

Hey, I’m back… :wink:
The “pt.muted” seems to work, although a note with the switch on will still sound like the note… In my case with the effect sound added.
Any way to supress the note playback if the switch is set?


Probably not, I’m afraid, but I’ll think about this as something we could provide an option for in future.

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