List of significant bugs

BUG: midi events/regions don’t always follow undo commands, the rest of a session will move back accurately with the undo history while midi information will randomly get a mind of its own and a) not change or b) do random things that have nothing to do with the undo history

BUG: when using range tool to adjust automation from -inf, the L/R points get made, but the line won’t move up with the range tool, forcing you to switch to the object selection tool to be able to move the newly created line via the middle handle. Slows down automation work flow significantly.

BUG: swipe comping does not sync between synced folder tracks, unless all the tracks lanes are open at the same time. Can lead to some serious audio snafus with big multitracks!

BUG: saving midi controller presets doesn’t reload on session start up, you have to recreate your desired visiable CC lanes every time you open a session.

BUG: when using the glue tool with lanes, when gluing a split (but not altered) selected region, the selection will frequently jump to random not-previously-selected regions. Makes cleaning up a comp much slower and an overall unpredictable workflow.

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