List of VSTs used in old project

I upgraded some VST libraries (Native Instrument Symphony Essentials -> Full Symphony version). I have a project which used the “essentials” versions but I uninstalled them so they’re now missing in Cubase. Is there a way that I can see which VSTs I used originally (without reinstalling them!). Should be simple then to select the new versions.


You must surely know the articulations used, now deleted?

The tracks weren’t named and I can’t see any indication of which libraries I used on each track. Hopeful I can get this from somewhere.
Sounds like I’m missing a basic Cubase concept?

Sounds to me like you’re missing a basic compositional concept.

When you say I must know the articulations used, could you please elaborate? i hope I’m not misunderstanding, apologies if so, but it does sound like you’re saying the solution to my not remembering what libraries I used is to “remember which libraries you used”?

I don’t use Cubase very often, I am not even a passable musician. I would however like to replace some things that have gone missing.

Thank you for any advice you can give.

Maybe it’s me not understanding.
Cubase will remember the path to the now deleted VST though not what it was, strings, brass or whatever. You’ll need to redo that manually.
I would make a habit of naming tracks and parts and make notes in the notepad if I were you.

Thanks - do you know how I can get that path to the original library (or any of that original info that may help me track it down)? When I load the project now, I get an error “Loading instruments failed, as their libraries are not installed on this computer.”. The Kontakt instance for each track is now empty as a result.

I have a mix of the original result but I can’t quite work out which Cello/Violin/whatever I used and I can’t get it to sound quite the same.

And I will DEFINITELY be naming my tracks from now on!


I’m not sure what else I can help you with Sir, you’ll need to migrate to the upgraded instruments.
The only possible way around were if you could d/l the original files from NI.

Pretty sure you are not going to get the info you hoped for. Going forward, definitely use the notepad as much as possible and save the sound as a user preference (yes for every track/project that you make a complicated sound for). Then make sure you backup those preferences.

Regards. :sunglasses: