List of weird behaviors with Render-In-Place Function

Hi there,

First weird behavior : VST instruments and Multi-outs

if you have one vst instruments with multi-outs activated ( for instance, kontakt, with st1.st2.st3.st4 … etc )
and if you choose DRY or Channels Settings mode and render, it will export one audio track with the sound of the midi track you’re rendering, AND, 15 other audio tracks with nothing inside.

See a pic below this post.

This doesnt happen if you choose complete signal path ( with/without master FX)

Second weird behavior : Render-In-Place stops rendering with Vienna Ensemble Pro instruments.
If you have lets say 30 tracks , that all use vienna ensemble, render-in-place will have a tendency to stop rendering
before all midi containers are rendered.
Sometimes it will just render the first track, then stop. Without any “error messages”.
The only solution is to render little by little, not all 30 tracks at the same time, but 5 by 5.

Third weird behavior : Naming rendered tracks.

Although in render-in-place options, the lock is on , which means the name will be derivated from track and event names, sometimes the rendered audio tracks have weird name like for instance : Stereo Out ® 12, Stereo Out ® 13…
In the picture example below , you’ll notice that the midi tracks I want to render are named correctly . Track name is correct, Event name is correct, so this should normally works…

Unfortutanely, these weird behaviors do not always happen. Like the track name bug … in some cases, it works perfectly, so I dont have any guideline to reproduce the issues. It seems to be random.
Render track Name bug.png

I have the same problem with naming rendered tracks i.e.the naming function is locked. Does anyone know how to unlock this?