List with shift + ... possibilities

Hi, I know there are so many possibilities in Dorico, tools, I don’t use often, and when I want to use one, I don’t remember what I have to fill in exactly in the popover. And I like the way of popover very much, when you know the exact words to fill in.
My question, is there a list with all the words you can fill in in the popovers to get a thing done?
For now I’m searching almost a half hour to find out how to use the facility to repeat a selection of bars with the bar lines and dots ( ||: — :||) on both side of that selection and I can’t find it. I remember the video, that it became possible, but which video, and of course in the one I was looking I didn’t find it.

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Great!!! Thank you so much!

You can also find pages about each popover in the manual, such as this page for the bars and barlines popover:

There’s a tip about the new behaviour of adding start and end repeat barlines at the start and end of a selected region on this page: