Listen Button for Multi output VSTi

There is no Listen Button for Multi-output VSTi in Cubase right now.
Like if you have an instance of HALion / Sonic / SE filled with 16 channels of instruments and you want to bring one of them forward but still in context of the music.
I found some old MIDI files I downloaded around the time the Vikings killed the Dinosaurs and they are kind of well written and interesting so I intend to pick them apart and learn a new trick or two.
It would be great to have a Listen Button to hear what the Tuba is doing in context.
I know I can reroute and do this and do that but it just takes forever just for this.
But let’s say you write something and come back half a year later and you want to hear what you did in context without going full solo.
I think a Listen Button like that would be something a lot of people could use often for lots of other reason than what I happen to mention above?