"Listen" button in Generic Remote

In the menu path Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices > Generic Remote, bottom half, for example row Send-1 1, it is possible to set the Value/Action to “Solo”, but not “Listen”.

I’m using Cubase as a livestream audio mixer and need to be able to listen to an input channel (PFL) without interrupting the output as Solo does.

Could this parameter please be added to the list of Generic Remote options?

Welcome @bob_k

It’s in >Command>Edit>Listen

Thanks for the help. I’ve tried this and it’s not toggling the input channel “Listen” button. Looking at this I’m not clear how this is associated with an input channel in the Mixer device? I need a line that looks something like:
Send-1 1 Mixer Input1 Listen P,T,

This is a command that operates on the selected track, for whatever reason, Listen is not presented in the same way as Solo and Mute.

I wonder if routing that input to another audio track and setting up a cue send on that tack would accomplish this in a useful way?

I’m not sure about the semantics, but these are live audio channels in the mixer, vs recorded tracks. With Command>Edit>Listen, I tried selecting the channel and pushed the button on the remote device controller and the Listen button did not toggle/move/light up.

I suppose I can send the input anywhere that I can get a channel Listen button to work, but first need to get something to work somewhere… It’s just not included in the available parameters/buttons.

I’m saying, select the input you want, and invoke the Listen command, not sure if I was clear,

I believe that’s what I did with no joy.

I just tested with C10.5, working here with this setup:

Thank you, that’s a little different than what I did, but it’s still not working for mw. I’m on a Mac and here’s what my settings look like. I’m assuming Fader 9 top and bottom are the only settings that matter here?

Are you using the Control Room? That’s a prerequisite.

Otherwise, post shots of what you are seeing so I can see it too.

Yes, using Control Room. Here’s a shot of the mixer. Channel 1 is selected even though it shouldn’t need to be. I also double checked the MIDI channel info using Learn, toggled a couple different buttons just to make sure it changed, etc.

The channel actually needs to be selected, what you have done is navigated so that the keyboard focus is on the fader. This does not actually select the channel itself. Click on the channel name to select.

Let me know if you need a page cited in the manual I’m not at my computer right now, but I’ll post it later

I see, I have the channel selected (the channel name is highlighted and the channel strip is lighter grey. But it still doesn’t work. Seems like this approach is not heading in the desired direction as I would have to use the mouse to select the channel, then push the button on the remote to Listen. Might as well just use the mouse to click on Listen. Or am I missing something?

I can’t say why it doesn’t work for the same way it works for me.

There are several ways to accomplish selecting a particular channel or track, followed by the Listen command all with one keystroke. A macro with a Project Logical Editor preset to select the channel by name, followed by the Listen command, for example.

Macros are a sequence of commands that you can create in the key commands dialog, and then assign it to a key command. Macros can contain PLE presets.

Finally got back to this and fiddled with it a bit and now it’s working! Not quite sure what was wrong before.

And thanks for pointing me to PLE and macros… got that working too. I’m able to press a channel Solo button on the control surface and have the Listen button toggle. Nice.

Steve, I had this working nicely and then suddenly the ability to select a named channel stopped working and as far as I know nothing changed. I was curious if you had any ideas?

Here is the PLE that should select channel 1 (named “WT 1”):

And here’s the key command that calls the PLE, note the 2 Edit invocations after the SelectCh01 PLE are executing on whatever the currently selected channel is.

I’m not steve, but I’m guessing you don’t have any events selected before firing the macro. The PLE is looking for Media Type = Audio, maybe change it to container->track->audio? Just guessing, not in front of Cubase at the moment.

I’m using Cubase in a live mixing scenario, so there is nothing actually recorded. I changed the PLE as follows:

(“Container Type is” “Equal” “Track” And
" Name" “Equal” “WT 1”)

Now it seems to be selecting something else such that the following Edit - Listen is no longer toggling the Listen button on the track that was selected before pressing the button on the remote. Other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Hm, the listen button might need to be fired from the mixconsole. Maybe try “sync project & mixconsole”?

You say it was working fine before? Do you remember what’s changed?

Edit: No, the commands are under Edit, so no mixconsole required, I think…

Does the record-enable get through though? Or is the entire macro after the PLE not working?

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Tried all the Sync Project and Mixconsole options, didn’t make a difference (and I tried my original PLEs and the just edited one.) Actually it seems to be getting worse, the old PLEs would at least Listen to the currently selected channel. Now that’s not working.

As far as I know I didn’t change anything to cause this to stop working. But other people use this system and perhaps someone did something I’m unaware of.

Here’s a clue, it I bring up one of the original PLE’s and click Apply, it does select the correct channel. This block of PLE’s is stored in a sub-folder or group, it was this way before it stopped working, so I doubt that is an issue.

Your original idea about Sync is interesting. I’m a Cubase newbie, so now you’ve got me wondering if there is something in the “environment” has changed…