Listen Button Visible In FX Channel from the Mixer but not from the Main Window channel

Hi folks. I realized that when I have a FX Channel in the project, I can have the Listen button in it visible by the Mixer window but I cannot have it in the main window. Is it really like this? Or am I missing something? Why would I be able to have it in the Mixer and not in the main window?

Have a look at Track Controls settings, and see if maybe the Listen button is hidden for Group/FX/VCA tracks.

Hi @ggmanestraki ! Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately I verified that already and for the FX Channel I don’t have such option.

As you can see in the image, I have the Group/FX/VCA selected and I don’t have the Listen option available.

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Time for a feature request! :partying_face:

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How to do such request? Would it be here in the forum?

You simply add the “feature-request” tag to the thread.
You add/remove tags by clicking the “Edit title” button image .

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Thank you @mlindeb!

I would love to see this as well, very strange and really would like to stay in the Project Window and not have to jump to a mixer.

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