Listen Dim on Monitor Sources


i would like to be able to (for exemple) control clic on a Monitor Sources and rather to select it (alone like a solo) have it Listen Dim (like pressing L on a track :stuck_out_tongue: )
would be nice !

—now that i said that i don’t know if that coherent… you might have same tracks going to different Monitor source and they would get pushed forward in the sum ? :frowning:

— oh but if there’s “multiple Monitor Source” option then this problem of doubling tracks is already taken care of i guess.

Can you explain what you mean? I don’t understand your description…

i’m sure i’m not good at explaining but first… do you use monitor sources for work and “Listen” feature on Mix window ?
so… Monitor source is likish “soloing” some tracks right ? Therefore beeing able to “Listen” would be great option.