Listen doesn't work when mapped to Function button on CC121

I mapped one of my 4 function buttons to Edit/Listen so I can use the Listen function in control room. Works great, but ONLY WHEN MIXCONSOLE IS IN FOCUS. Why is this? Mute, Solo, etc. work as expected when in project window. I have to click on the mixconsole in order to get it in focus and THEN press the function key. If I have to do this, I might as well just click the L button with my mouse. Can we get this fixed please? :imp:

Can another user please confirm this behavior with CC121 & Cubase 7.5?

This is part of the deficient way Cubase currently handles focus for commands, e.g., Listen should have the same status as Solo and Mute. Steiny know how people feel about this, and hopefully it’s just a matter of time for it to be fixed.

it’s the same for the listen keycommand. i instead made a two-command macro that calls up the control room twice, then toggles listen (cubase responds to the listen command on the control room panel as well).

OK, so my work around was to make a Macro: F3, F3, Edit/Listen and assign it to a function key on the CC121. This hides the mixconsole, then brings it up again (bringing it into focus) and then the Listen command words. It’s annoying to have the mixer disappear and reappear like that, it’s better than mouse clicking. Thanks Lukas and good to have you on as a mod Steve.

no worries. i hope they fix these little issues soon…