"Listen" function in Mackie Control protocol???

There is no way to control the Listen function with Cubase 5 and earlier for individual channels with the Mackie Control protocol.

If I solo a track it solos the main outs too, period. There is no way to isolate an individual track in the Control Room and leave the Main Mix intact.

Yes, you can enable the Listen function globally, but not “Listen replaces Solo”.

Is that option available in Cubase 6???

I applaud Cubase for adding the Listen function in Cubase 4. It was about time that a software company added a PFL (pre-fade listen) feature (any decent analog mixer has a PFL button). But Cubase 5 kept the identical Mackie Control protocol mappings, so no improvement there.

I would gladly upgrade to C6 if the Listen replaces Solo mapping was added. Mackie Control protocol is such a universally applied format. The iPad apps use it (really cool, and useful - like the AC-7 Core app); Tascam FW-1884 uses it (which I have); of course the Mackie Universal Pro uses it. The Euphonics controller has the Listen replaces Solo option, but they use a different format, not Mackie Control protocol.

So, does Cubase 6 have that option???



The key command you reference is for turning the Listen function on/off globally, not for Listening particular tracks.

I’ll check this out.

Are you saying that I can now press a Solo button on my DAW controller and have it enable the Listen function for that channel instead of Solo? Or does it just turn Listen on/off for selected channels instead of universally?

I’m using Cubase for live recording / recording. During the sessions we need to isolate channels, as is standard, to adjust parameters, without affecting the main mix. That’s where the Listen function is so critical. It’s just a PFL, which is standard on any descent mixer.

Thanks again.


Thanks, this does indeed help.

Having to press 2 buttons to achieve the PFL may be a little too much with some controllers, however. I am considering something like the AC-7 Core app for the iPad. That may not work too well with that.


Still, thank you so much. Your suggestion has been very helpful.

I think we still need a “Listen replaces Solo” option, like Euphonics has in their MC Mix controller.

Thanks again,


All of a sudden the Solo buttons started functioning on the Listen buttons in CB 7.5.20 and I am not sure why.

Sorry for the poor video it was manly for myself that it happened and that I didn’t just dream it up.

Okay I was just about to give up and then went through all the buttons with shift one more time and found it! Shift+Project button on the MCU (Mackie Control Universal) makes it so the solo buttons function as Listen buttons. It looks like shift+Mixer is trying to “Deactivate All Listen States” but it isn’t working. The button goes out but the listen states remain. This only works in Devices:Mackie Control: Cubase Mode not Compatibility. I am so thrilled this function is in there, it took the entire day to discover it (learned a lot of other things along the way but this was the main thing I was looking for).

I was thrilled when I read your post - I’ve been using a couple “Fader Bank” buttons in Generic Remote mode to enable listen on selected channel and enable listen in control room.

However . .
Unfortunately, on my rig, it only works on the Master Unit (my last 8 faders as I have it setup) and not on my 2 extenders. All are set for “Cubase” mode.

Anyone having success on multiple units?


Well shoot that is frustrating, I only have the main unit with no extenders, my guess there probably isn’t a solution until an update. They probably just overlooked that for the time being, that’s unfortunate.

However . .
Unfortunately, on my rig, it only works on the Master Unit (my last 8 faders as I have it setup) and not on my 2 extenders. All are set for “Cubase” mode.



The command has to be send to all connected devices. And it involves multiple buttons to push. This can be simplified to a simple one button command, but this involves an external program or midicontroller. I have a working solution for the new Cubase 7 implementation here using 2 MCU templates (16 channels)for Lemur on iPad. You could use this to control multiple MCR’s too.

I have a switch on my iPad for “set solo mode”, this switches between “solo in place” and “listen” mode on both (or multiple) MCU’s. This is much easier than shift/project, AND you have a visual indication of the state of things…

I am still working on a simple “sends on fader and cue sends button” solution, (example: goto sendsonfaders3 in one click) but all the other new pages (quickcontrols, strip, cue sends, master fx) are accesable with one button clicks here now. So it can be done. See pic:

lemur users, check: https://liine.net/en/community/user-library/view/540/ or my website…