LISTEN-mode in 5.1 environment defaults to L output?

When I work in an 5.1 environment and I want to listen to a mono audio-channel by means of using the LISTEN-function, instead of the the SOLO-function in the mixer window, the output defaults to Left?

Why isn’t this in the original-channel’s-panning-channel?
Is this a -known- issue or am I doing something wrong?

Any help appreciated, thanks!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Interesting - never seen this, but never tried that approach either.
Will do so later today & post back…

After reporting to NUENDO SUPPORT, I received the following reply:

Dear Niek,
thanks for your screenshots which make the problem clearly reproducible for us.
Unfortunately we couldn’t solve it, neither could we find any internal option, so it seems to be a certain bug within Nuendo.
We informed Steinberg about this problem and the software engineers will dive into this problem.

This gets to look more & more like a Mac thing.
Just tried it in a surround mix, and for me the solo’ed track when in Listen mode appears where it is panned.
Happy to send the NPR file.

RME HDSPe 9652 I/O > RME ADI-DS > Adam A7
Windows XP/32 SP3, Nuendo 5.5.5