Listen/ Solo Mackie MCU Please help!

Dear readers,

Did anybody succeed to change the solo button into a listen button on the Mackie MCU pro used with C7?
We use it live and it is not very nice to mute the rest :smiley:
Please help!

Yeah, I mentioned this a couple times, also . . . but I doubt it will happen since it would be a non-standard MCU function.
I’m still hoping SB just get all the normal functions working - ie fader bank buttons.

I did assign a function key to “listen” - for the selected channel only, of course,


Thanks Hugh!

Can you tell us how you did that?

Devices - Device Setup - Mackie Control - User Commands Window - then, on whichever of the 8 MCU Function buttons you want the “Listen” command it’s “Edit”, “Listen”.

Mind you, this only works on the selected channel.


I would love if they could assign the listen to a MCU button … (Shift + Solo) or something … pressing shift on the keyboard works just like pressing shift on the MCU btw … that would be a good compromise!

I spent the day poring over the manual and trying every possible feature I can with the MCU and mostly wanted to know how to get the Solo buttons to function as Listen. Just as I was about to leave all of a sudden my Solo buttons started working as Listen. I have no idea why or what happened. If I change from Devices:Mackie Control: to “Compatibility” then it goes back to function as standard solo. However I spent the day with it set to “Cubase” and it worked as Solo. I am on Cubase 7.5.20 so I am baffled, I have pressed about every possible combination to make it go back the way it was so I can know how to switch in and out of this mode and nothing seems to work.

Documentation would be great if Steinberg provided it.

For what it’s worth I found if you hold down command+option (alt) and press a solo button it will engage solo defeat which is interesting since option is all you need to press to solo defeat with the mouse though option+command does still solo defeat with the mouse (command is not needed).