Listen the community.

That is my last request: Listen the community.

We are suggesting features in order to improve your product - not ours -, even not being your workers. That is something you should bear in mind.

The new features in Cubase 9 regarding 8.5 were a joke. I missed a lot of great features I read among the requests in this website. You just dropped them out and I don’t know why.

So I hope you take the feature requests into account this time, and make the next Cubase version worthwhile.

The best “feature” Steinberg could give to the next Cubase is a full cycle spent just on bug-fixing, IMO. The bugs in Cubase really make me apprehensive of doing work in it, and make projects a chore of micro-managing and working around errors in Cubase functionality.


Look at all the “Annual Requests” for basic functionality, repeated over many years, to get a sense of how appropriate this is.

Exactly, yes. I can’t understand it…truly can’t.


The 9.5 cycle needs to entirely be: Bug fixes and massively useful simple feature development (NOT whiz-bang new features! I mean just making the current way of doing things far better and faster with fixes, adjustments, finishing the many unfinished loose ends on features, etc.) that have been requested for years that many other DAWs have for very good reasons. It’s all these little things that would make Cubase truly unbeatable if they did them, at least for me.

We don’t ask for these because we want another DAW, we ask for them because again there’s a very good reason why so many other DAWs have them (these basic workflow features, as I’m talking about above).

That’s something you should bear in mind as well. You are not entitled to getting your feature requests implemented. I think my own ones are great but ultimately it’s not up to me what gets in.

As for bugs though, there really should be a public tracker or something like it. The Issue forum is deprecated and customer support is not a replacement.

However, this isn’t the forum to discuss this. These philosophical threads are great at burying the legitimate requests that we hope staff will see.

Good point!

Fully agree. New features are nice - Nice to have. Bug Fixing, optimization of GUI, simplification of tasks are must have and should be prioritized!

Go away, troll. This isn’t philosophical, but I guess that’s one other thing you talk about without having any understanding as to what it is - just like smooth-scrolling.

This is a very legitimate request thread, and if you can’t treat it like that, then don’t butt in and create a mess for the people who hope that the staff will see this and take it into consideration.


I explain smooth scrolling to you in more detail here: here. I’m afraid the lack of understanding is on your side.

This subforum is meant for feature requests. I hope that makes you understand my initial reply better.

+1 I get sick of seeing great stuff posted in here with no idea if Steinberg read/listen to any of it.

Some kind of recognition that they even care… certainly seems more like a user forum than an official forum.

They hear but if they wasted time explaining to everyone, we’d get even less.

I for 1 loved 9.0. Only wish i’d got freqEq before buying HEQ