Listen to me

Hi! I’m an Italian producer and a new member :slight_smile: This is my first realease “Listen to me”: it’s a mix of glitch hop, chill out and electronica. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Beggin your pardon my friend but that sounds like someone tuning a radio… :slight_smile:

sounds well done dude, particularly liked “Through clouds of floral steam”, thats a heavy track.

Thanks a lot :smiley: glad you like it!

Very unique, something this forum sometimes lacks. I like how many rhythmic styles are represented so cleverly in a short period of time. Welcome!

Thank you :smiley:

Welcome White Rabbit,

Wow, not what I expected, but very original and interesting! :sunglasses:


thanks! :mrgreen:

Hey White Rabbit,

Your tracks sound really lovely and relaxing. If I were into meditation or some other New Age sort of thing I could see myself meditating to it … Haha… Well done!

not bad :slight_smile:

Nice, great to hear something unique!

I guess you posted this two years ago and I missed it, so sorry for not commenting. This music inspires me. I think it it’s amazing. Well done.

I like melody, and harmony, but this is interesting…

Wow, thats something pretty new. I haven’t heard a track like that before and i have to say i have heard a lot of songs. Its definitely interesting. Why don’t you try to make a longer track like that?