Listen to playback while still hearing the live mic?

Hi all. I am trying to play around with cubase here and there are a few walls I’m hitting.

Can you Listen to a take while still hearing the feed from the live mic? Is this possible at all?

I run a voice studio and I like to listen back to the takes while the mic is still live in order to hear what the actor thinks of the previous take.


Hi elijahlucian,
sure you can do that - but not on the same track.
If you have recorded several takes on one track and you want to listen to them while you also hear the mic, just create a copy of that track (that will also copy all effects, inserts and eq settings) and delete the also copied ausio takes on the new track.
Make shure the little speaker symbol in the track inspector (monitor) on the first (old) track is off and on the new - copy - track it is on.

As far as I know, listening to the mic input while hearing the recorded tracks ON THE SAME TRAK is not possible. You have to decide if a track is in record/monitor mode or playback mode.

Give it a try


Hi Zibin

Thanks for the reply.

Oh i see. That is actually quite sad. I typically do work in one track and it’s very quick back and forth with the actors. This may be a dealbreaking feature for me… :frowning:

Is there any reason for this limitation? I know plenty of other software that lets you monitor input on the same channel as playback. Reaper, Sonar, Ableton to name a couple. I am just curious why this would not be allowed?

You can direct monitor the input at same time as playing back the recording. You’d set this up n your interface.

If you have to monitor through Cubase because you’re monitoring with insert effects you could maybe set up a dummy channel fed from the same input exclusively as a monitor and don’t monitor on the recording channel.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible. In our studio we set up to identical inputs one we name monitor the other the microphone, the monitor channel is always left with the monitor switch on but never record the mic channel is used for record and playback sso we can playback and still hear the artist on the monitor channel. It works quite well except because you are monitoring from 2 channels the volume increases, hope this helps